How To Maintain Your New Refrigerator

Sometimes newer isn’t always better. In fact, most often the case turns out those new models in cars and appliances tend to break sooner than their older counterparts. But, it is possible to keep your newer refrigerator units working efficiently for as long as you would one made ten years ago. The key component to doing this is to know that the new unit and how to care for it, understanding its limitations, and preparing for the inevitable.

Sensitive sensors

If your newer model refrigerator has an electronic interface of any kind, then your refrigerator has a built in computer. As you would with your computer it is important to ensure there is surge protection on these technologically advanced appliances. A small surge of electricity can burn out any mother board in a matter of minutes. Providing surge protection will prevent these accidents from happening. Of course, like any other computerized object, things break unexpectedly, preparing for this is important as well.

Have a back-up refrigerator

We are always told to back up our computer files. Just in case something decides to crash, a file backup will ensure that you don’t lose all of your data. The same should go for your food. Having a backup refrigerator in your basement or garage is a great food saver for those times when your main refrigerator has stopped working. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy another high-end appliance. The best option would be to pick up an older model at a garage sale as your backup appliance. You simply need enough space to store your perishables until your main refrigerator is repaired.

Brand name does matter

Take the time to shop around for the best brand. This doesn’t always mean the most expensive. Your best bet is shopping for a newer model in an old brand. If the company has been around for more than twenty years it’s a safe bet that their products are pretty efficient and durable. Also, if you really like your older model of refrigerator than buying from the same brand is a good choice for a newer refrigerator for your kitchen.

Upkeep is 50% of the solution

Finally, maintaining your refrigerator is essential to its longevity. Half of the reason for all repairs is because nothing was done to prevent them. Annual maintenance checks are the best way to ensure that everything remains in working order. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself then call a repairman and have them come out to take a look. Paying for the cost of an evaluation is a lot more affordable than paying for the replacement of a part or even the whole unit. You need to ensure that you call in the professionals when there is a requirement instead of trying to do the repairs on your own.

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