How to Prevent Ice Buildup in Your Freezer

Frost in your refrigerator is most often caused by improper use, damaged seals or the refrigerator lid.

  • You may have forgotten to close the door properly, or the seal on the door is damaged.
  • Storing hot food in the refrigerator is also a problem.
  • Frost on food also appears after a long power outage.
  • Try set up the correct temperature setting.
  • It could also be due to an “electrical problem” in the refrigerator circuits (such as old or damaged wiring).
  • Excessive condensation combined with too high a temperature in the refrigerator causes ice to form on the shelves and walls.
  • Steam condensation and frost formation are common in older refrigerators.
  • A damaged refrigeration system – there is nothing you can do about this problem.

The causes of ice formation in the freezer compartment are very similar. In addition to an improperly closed door or damaged seal, there may be so-called dehumidification of the air, which occurs with frequent or significant temperature fluctuations. A clogged or damaged cooling fan is also a possible cause. Check it, try to remove any mechanical obstructions, but if ice formation in the freezer does not stop, call us, San Diego Appliance Repair Company. There is no problem you may have with your refrigerator which our skilled and experienced technicians will not solve.

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