How to re-hang a refrigerator door

If you need to re-hang the refrigerator door, the first thing you should do is to prepare all the necessary tools. You will need:


– Screwdrivers – Phillips or flat – it all depends on what fasteners are on the appliance doors.

– Socket wrench and horn wrench.

– Painting tape.


Some models come with additional fasteners. Prepare and it – he, too, in some cases may be needed.


Working process


Hanging the refrigerator door can be conditionally divided into several stages, the consistent execution of which will be the key to the successful completion of the entire procedure:


– Unplug the refrigerator, remove the magnets in it, and take out the internal shelves installed on the flap to be re-hung.

– Secure the door using painter’s tape.

– Locate the fixing plugs and remove them using something flat for this purpose.

– Remove the fasteners. Note that on certain models of refrigerators, this is only possible after removing the top panel. Hold the door to prevent the fasteners from bending during removal.

– Remove the plugs on the opposite side. The fasteners on which the door was held before it was hinged will be suitable for mounting. If the fasteners are bent or deformed, replace them with new ones. The hinges will be mirrored. Fix the sash from top to bottom. For a two-door refrigerator, this procedure will have to be done twice.

– When all the fasteners are hung up, start moving the doors. After they are fastened, it is necessary to check the tightness of their adherence to the body. A very simple test can help to do this, which is to put a sheet of paper between the refrigerator body and the door seal. If everything has been done correctly, you will not be able to pull out the sheet without some effort when the door is closed.


The main nuances of hanging


The easiest way to re-hang the doors of a two-compartment refrigerator. For models with one chamber, the difficulty of the process is that in addition to the main door, you will also have to re-hang the inner door of the freezer. With certain difficulties you can also encounter in the presence of large convex door handles – in this case, it is recommended to use the services of a professional.


In this case, if the hinging of the door was required due to a loose fit of the leaf, it is quite possible the main problem will not solve. Therefore, before starting this process, you should make sure the suitability for use of the seal, located on the door and, if necessary, replace it with a new one.


If during the inspection of the door were found deformation or looseness of the fixing elements, then you can not do without major intervention in the construction.


Peculiarities of door hanging for refrigerators with display

For electronically controlled refrigerator models, the process of re-setting is almost identical to the previously described sequence, except for one important point requiring special attention. For two-compartment refrigerators, the display is connected to the control system by several wires going through the upper hinge of one of the doors. These wires need to be moved to the opposite side during the hanging process.


To do this, first, remove the enclosure cover, hide the wiring harness to the door, and disconnect the harness from the main wiring. After that, remove the cover, under which the display wiring is hidden. After the hinge is disassembled, the entire harness is moved to the opposite side and the hinge is reassembled. We hide the wiring under the cover, return the disconnected part of the harness to the common wiring and close it with the cover.


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