How To Reduce The Chance of Household Fires By Maintaining Your Dryer’s Lint Filter

Did you know that your dryer could be a fire hazard just waiting to happen in your home? The accumulation of lint in your dryer’s lint trap and venting system is the cause of fire in over 15,000 households annually. Maintaining your dryer’s lint trap each time you use it is one way to cut down on this hazard potential. And you also get some other useful benefits by strictly maintaining your dryer.

Preventing Fires

Your lint trap can collect a large amount of lint with each load of laundry you do. But many people don’t understand what a great hazard that accumulated lint can be. Lint in this form is highly flammable. Combine this with the intense heat put out by your dryer and that lint becomes a fire potential of the first order.

Saving Energy

When lint accumulates in the filter, your dryer has a harder time circulating the air required to dry your clothing. Working harder means using more energy. This equates to higher energy bills.

Drying Clothing Quicker

When the filter is clogged, air circulation is restricted. This means that your clothing is taking a far longer time to dry.

Dryer Longevity

A dryer that must work harder to dry clothing is taxed and will wear out quicker than one that works optimally.

Things You Should Do

– Make sure to be diligent about cleaning your lint trap. Make sure to check the lint filter each time you dry a load of clothing.
– Make sure to periodically clean the back of the dryer where lint can accumulate. As a virtually hidden area, you may not think of the lint that can accumulate back there.
– The lint trap doesn’t always catch all the lint from your clothing. Make sure to clean out the venting system as well.
– Don’t dry anything that has had anything flammable wiped up or spilled on it such as rags you have used to clean up paint spills or an old shirt you have spilled gasoline on. These substances cause vapors that are highly flammable and ignitable.
– Make sure your dryer has metal venting that allows free air flow that is not restricted. Many dryers are shoved into tight spaces without the proper ventilation.
– Make sure your dryer vents are free from debris. These can be handy places for birds or small animals to nest but can also become flammable.
– Check the labels of any article that you intend to dry to make sure that it is dryer safe. Many things that we assume are dryer safe are not.
– Read all manufacturer manuals and warnings.

By taking these steps, you reduce the possibility of fire and enable your dryer to work efficiently and safely.

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