How to remove black mold from the washing machine?

Black mold can easily form in any model of a washing machine. As a rule, it appears on the rubber seal on the door of the device or in the powder receiver.

Mold can be removed with a regular toothbrush. To do this, open the detergent dispenser and clean it. If you do not eliminate such a problem, there may be bad consequences. Black mold releases spores that are very dangerous to human health. They can cause allergies and many other diseases. The washing machine is constantly damp and humid, so the spores can spread very quickly.

To eliminate mold, you can wipe your device with a sponge or brush. During cleaning, you can also get hurt, so it is better to wear goggles and a protective mask. You can also remove mold with special chemicals that can be purchased at any store. But before using them, be sure to make sure that they are completely safe for plastic and rubber products. If the rubber of the door seal or detergent dispenser is severely affected by mold, it is better to replace them completely.

What can cause mold in the machine?

Most often, this can happen due to washing clothes at low temperatures, as well as the lack of bleach in detergents. High temperature in the machine and the presence of bleach in it can destroy bacteria. Therefore, remember that any washing powders or liquid detergents for washing colored clothes do not contain bleaching elements. It follows that their frequent use will sooner or later lead to the formation of black mold. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, rinse the machine once a month in idle mode using bleach.

In addition, after each wash, leave the door of the machine open, this will allow it to dry and also avoid the appearance of mold.

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