After washing clothes in the washing machine, we expect to get clean and fresh things. However, there are cases when a not very pleasant smell begins to come out of the machine. What happened to the machine, and how to fix this situation?


There can be several reasons for the appearance of a rotten smell. Let’s look at the most common of them:


– Use of low-quality powder. Very often a bad smell appears due to a change of detergent.


– Contaminated powder receiver. Even high-quality detergents can leave small traces on the walls of the tray. Over time, powder residues will accumulate and the layer will become thicker, which can cause mold to form in the tray.


– A large amount of powder or rinse aid. Excess detergent sticks to the walls of the washing machine, after which an unpleasant odor appears.


– Scale. As a result of scale formation, a rotten smell may appear on the heating element of the washing machine. In order to get rid of the smell, you need to clean the washing unit with citric acid or special means.


– The channel that serves to supply detergents to the drum machine is blocked. Powder residues can also form on the detergent rinse channel. To eliminate such a problem, it is necessary to clean the powder receiver of the washing machine, since the purity of the detergent supply channel depends on it.


– Clogging of the drain filter. This filter prevents clogging of the sewage system, catching all debris: threads, buttons, lint, and even coins. Thus, you need to clean the filter at least once every six months. Otherwise, all the dirt that accumulates in the filter will rot and emit a rotten smell. In addition, a dirty filter can prevent water from draining from the machine.


– Wear the drain hose. Dirt and powder residues can accumulate in old hoses, which eventually rot and emit a bad smell.


– Water remains in the washing machine. After the end of washing, a small amount of water may remain in the machine, which eventually begins to “stagnate”. As a rule, this is due to the poor connection of the equipment to the sewer. In this case, it is better to contact a specialist.


– Problems with connecting communications. Quite often, the cause of the breakdown may not be hidden in the device itself, but in the sewer drain.


Proper operation of the washing machine is the key to the long service life of the equipment. Therefore, to prevent such problems, you need to regularly ventilate and clean the machine.


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