How To Rid Your Garbage Disposal of The Horrible Odor?

While garbage disposals are a great thing to have in the kitchen, they do require maintenance and cleaning. Because of the nature of your garbage disposal they will get smelly. If you find that you have a strange, sour odor coming from your garbage disposal than it is probably time for a thorough cleaning. You can do this yourself, at-home, with a few simple household items. If you clean your garbage disposal regularly not only will you rid your kitchen of the horrible smell but you will also keep it in proper working order for as long as you need it. Here are a few steps to use when cleaning your garbage disposal.

Turn your garbage disposal on while running cold water through it. This will help to flush any remaining pieced of food that may have been sitting inside it. Also, you can use crushed ice to break off any stuck on food and push it through the disposal into the pipes. The ice will freeze the food causing it to dislodge from wherever it is stuck. After you have cleaned and flushed your garbage disposal with water and ice if it still smells you can try flushing it with lemon or vinegar.

Pushing small pieces of lemon through your garbage disposal can rid it of any lingering odor. Vinegar works as well in small amounts. If after this there is still some lingering odor it may be time to use some professional grade cleaners. There are specific cleaners to be used for garbage disposals. Get a drain cleaning product that is biodegradable. Do not use something that is meant to unclog pipes as this can be too harsh for your disposal and may actually cause damage.

To rid your garbage disposal of clogs you will more than likely need to use the reset switch. Using a tool such as a wrench can help you to access this switch. Never put anything like a tool or your hand down the garbage disposal. A tool could cause damage to the disposal whereas the disposal could cause damage to your hand. It is best to consult the instruction manual when cleaning your disposal or a professional. This will ensure that neither you nor your disposal is damaged in anyway. A great way to prevent clogs is to use one simple trick.

Always run water when you are pushing food through your garbage disposal. Also, there are certain types of food that shouldn’t be put through it at all. These are tough foods such as potato skins and rice. It is better to just throw these into your garbage.

By using these few simple tricks, you can rid your garbage disposal of any unwanted odors and keep in in health shape and working optimally. However, if you cannot rid the garbage disposal of the odor and it persists, it is time to ensure that you call in the appliance repair professionals in San Diego County.

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