How to Skip The Repairs: Maintain A Washer And Dryer Machiens Instead

It’s important to give your washer and dryer a little care in between uses, so you can avoid calling the repairman until you don’t have a choice. Everyone knows that calling a repairman is expensive, but it is time consuming as well. Washers and dryers normally run about twice a day in most households so it’s important to follow these tips to prevent your downtime whenever possible.

On average, a washing machine can last up to twelve years as long as you give it proper maintenance. A really good washer can even last up to sixteen years. Dryers will be a little different as they can last anywhere from 13-18 years, depending on several factors. Thus, if you are looking to extend the life of your investment, follow some tips. Create a cleaning schedule for your washer and dryer. You want to get the most out of your machines and to do that, you need a monthly maintenance schedule and an after cycle check list.

After Each Cycle

You can either perform these simple tasks before you start washing or save it to do afterwards. These tasks include:

– Clean out the lint filter on the dryer after each load
– Leave the lid on the washing machine partially open in order to circulate the air inside the drum so mold and mildew doesn’t grow
– Wipe down the seals and the door on the washing machine in order to control the buildup of mold and mildew
– Use the right detergent in your washing machine
– Use the right amount of detergent based on your load of clothes
– Remove clothes as soon as they get done, otherwise they will begin to mold and mildew.

Monthly schedule

Hang a calendar up in your laundry room so you can be sure to stay on schedule when performing the following tasks on a monthly basis:

1. Wipe off the exterior of the washer and dryer
2. Look at the owner’s manual and accordingly, clean out the drain pump filter located on all front loading washing units.
3. Use a water vinegar solution to clean out the drum and the seals.
4. Look over the hoses running to your washing machine to check for any damage or potential areas that may give you trouble soon
5. Inspect the exhaust duct on the dryer for any damage or potential areas that may give you problems soon.

Every 3 – 6 Months

Clean the dryer lint trap once a quarter in order to avoid any build up and allow the air to flow more evenly. Pull the machines away from the wall so you can vacuum behind the appliances as well as under it too.

Once A Year

When possible, remove the exhaust ducts from the dryer to where it exits the house and clean them thoroughly. If you can’t do this, you may want to call an Appliance Repair professional in Brampton to do this instead. It’s important to note that clogged ducts can be very dangerous to your home and are a frequent cause of house fires throughout the year.

Safety Tips to Consider

It’s also important to remember:

1. Don’t overload your washer or your dryer
2. Read the owner’s manual when you purchase your appliance and before you perform any maintenance/repair
3. Don’t place items on top of the appliance or around it either
4. Don’t turn the washer or dryer on before going to bed or before you leave home

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