How To Troubleshoot Basic Refrigerator Problems?

Not every refrigerator problem has to be studied by an expert. Often the owner of that particular appliance can deal with one of the more basic problems. Here are some tips for those that do not hesitate to troubleshoot, when faced with a basic malfunction.

Issue #1: You feel warm air when you open the door of your fridge.

First, make sure that your refrigerator is receiving power. Next check the thermostat; adjust it, if necessary. If the problem persists, remove any objects that are blocking the vents that blow cold air onto the objects on the refrigerator’s shelves. The final troubleshooting task calls for a vacuum. You must vacuum the coils under and behind the refrigerator.

Issue #2: All of the items in your fridge are freezing.

Like issue #1, this problem could be caused by a defective thermostat. Therefore, you must check the thermostat. Turn it to the highest setting and listen for a click. If you do not hear one, two other items could be malfunctioning. One is the thermistor, which registers the fridge’s temperature on the control board. In addition, it could be that the control board itself has become defective and has to be replaced.

Issue #3: Frost buildup in freezer

The seal on the freezer’s door should prevent formation of any such buildup. Consequently, your first task involves checking that same seal. Make sure that it does not contain any crack. A cracked seal is the most common cause for frost buildup in the freezer. If you cannot find a crack, then you must suspect a problem with the defrost sensor.

Issue #4: You recently moved your fridge, and now it will not run.

Do you know how the transported item got moved? Did it stay upright during the entire time that it traveled from the old location to the new one? If it did not, then it appears that lubricant has made its way into the compressor and cooling pipes. Just let it stand upright for a couple hours. That should allow the lubricant to settle. Once it has settled, you can turn on the moved appliance.

Issue #5: The ice maker is not working

Before you do anything else, shut off the valve to the household water supply. Next pull the appliance away from the wall and look for kinks or tears in the water line. Check the water inlet valve; make sure it is open. After that, you must clean any debris from the water filter.
Understand that there is no guarantee that completion of each troubleshooting task can ensure correction of the problem. If the fridge refuses to work, following completion of the troubleshooting procedures, you should contact an appliance repair service in San Diego County.

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