Is It Best To Buy Electric Dryers Or Gas Dryers?

No matter what you do in life, you always have to do laundry. So more than likely, you have both a washer and a dryer inside your home or maybe you are looking for one to put in your home to save you the expense of going to a Laundromat. If you already have a washer and dryer, you may be looking to upgrade the models you currently have.

In today’s world of many choices, you are most likely going to feel a bit overwhelmed by the selection available today. There are features such as high-capacity sizes, smart features, special functions, and different designs and styles so you can choose whatever suits your needs. Another choice you have is whether or not you want an electric or a gas. There are several factors to consider on this one, including what is available to you where you live. Most often, the hook up is electric.

Either of the models is perfectly capable of performing their duties – to dry your clothes so the decision to get gas or electric is not about drying. However, there is a difference between the overall cost, the operation, installing requirements, energy efficiency, fire and safety risk, durability, required maintenance, and durability. And it is best to call on a professional appliance repair specialist in San Diego County for any anomalies.


Drying clothes can be achieved whether you are using a gas dryer or an electric. To dry clothes, the air is pulled and it passes through the drying unit over the heating coil to help warm up the air. The heat is then circulates by a fan, around the dryer so that while the clothes are tumbling inside, the heat can be circulated as well. Because the garments inside the dryer are wet, when the heat reaches the clothes, the wetness is then turned into steam and evaporates, resulting in dry garments.

Electric dryers work on a 240 volt current which uses double the amount of power of other household appliances. Gas dryers use either propane or natural gas to operate. With these types of dryers, the burner is used to convert the gas into heat by running it through the 120 volt electrical outlet and the gas line. This outlet helps to power the drum as well as the motor.

Before purchasing just any dryer, first determine which one works best for your home. Do you have the option of installing a propane gas dryer? Do you have natural gas running to your home? Or do you have an electric dryer hookup already installed in your home? If you do decide to put propane dryer in and convert over, you need to consider all the features that you already have access to and what you will need to do in order to get your gas dryer hooked up.

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