Is It Easy To Clean Smelly Dishwashers?

Your dishwasher is one of the most important and commonly used kitchen appliances. This is why it would be particularly burdensome if something went wrong with it. However, the truth is that it’s subjected to quite a lot of residual debris from the dishes, cups and plates that it washes. It is not uncommon for the said debris to get stuck and to begin to smell. This is a very unpleasant situation and it could ruin the entire sensation that clean dishes bring.

In any case, if there are smelly odors which are bad after a regular running cycle you shouldn’t automatically reach out for the bottle of bleach. The latter is particularly corrosive to components made of metal and it’s not necessarily going to solve your issue. The bad odors are usually going to come from bacteria which feed on decomposing food particles as well as on grease captured in the strainer screen that’s located right on the bottom part of your dishwasher. It could also get in the sprayer arm jets, as well as along the bottom part of the dishwasher door. Naturally, cleaning those is going to get rid of the unpleasant smell without having to subject the machine to the harmful effects of bleach.

Step 1: Clean the screen

The screen is visible right on the bottom of your dishwasher. Make sure to remove the holders of the plates so that you can access it easily. Usually you could easily remove the screen in order to clean it but the actual process differs from one type to another. However, regardless of the model, this shouldn’t be hard.

Step 2: Clean the sprayer

The sprayer can also accumulate bacteria which could cause significant smell that’s rather unpleasant. It’s located on the arm ports of your dishwasher. Those are located on the upper part of the machine – these are the things which spray the water which cleans your plates.

Step 3: Clean the door lip

This is also rather easy yet particularly overlooked. In order to clean the door lip you have to tip it all the way down. Spray the edge with a convenient cleaner or a degreaser spray and clean it thoroughly. This is a process which should be repeated any time you see actual buildup on this area.

Step 4: Use a cleaner

This is the final and easiest step – just add a specially designated dishwasher cleaning solution and run the machine at a full cycle. This is going to get rid of the remaining bacteria if there is some left. It’s truly going to eliminate the unpleasant odors. As you can see, instead of using corrosive bleach, you could easily use this as an alternative and get your dishwasher perfectly cleaned.


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