Is The Dacor Oven Door Stuck At The End Of A Self-Cleaning Cycle?

There are quite a few issues which might take place with your oven, stove and ranges. Most of the contemporary units are equipped with a very self-sustaining feature which is designed to self-clean the entire machine on the inside. This is a very convenient function which is going to save you quite a lot of time as well as effort but it’s also one which could cause a few complications if you don’t know how to proceed properly.

With this in mind, one of the most common problems that you might easily come across when it comes to using an oven or a stove is for the door not to open after the self-cleaning cycle has already ended. There are a few things which might be causing this – let’s take a look.

Oven temperature sensor

If your door doesn’t unlock as the cycle of self-cleaning is through, you might be having a significant problem with the temperature sensor. Most of the electronic control ovens are actually going to display a fault code which is going to indicate that the sensor has actually failed. If you suspect that the sensor is faulty, you might want to remove the power to the appliance and reconnect it back again after a few moments. This could actually reset the control and allow you to conveniently get the door unlocked.

Door lock switch

You may have an issue with the overall door lock switch and assembly. This is something that you need to account for. You should do the same and try to reconnect the machine. If it doesn’t work, you should take a look at the assembly. Its most commonly located between the main top as well as the oven and it could be accessed by raising the former. This isn’t an easy undertaking because there are quite a lot of screws which are actually inaccessible when the door is closed.

If you can’t access the assembly, you will have to form a convenient wire hook – you can use a regular coat hanger (and insert it right between the door as well as the latch. Then, you can manually pull the latch in order to get it to the open position.

In any case, there are quite a few different things that you might want to take into account when it comes to this particular problem. Failing to open your oven’s door is obviously a menace and a burden but it’s something that you might have to deal with. Contemporary units are equipped with a lot of electronics and it’s not uncommon for them to malfunction significantly. This is when you need to call the appliance repair professionals in San Diego County to help you out. They are experts on working and repairing on all major brands of stove, oven and ranges. They will evaluate and diagnose what is wrong with your oven and complete the repairs as needed.

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