Is There A Way To Remove The Lint From The Dryer?

It wont take that much time for a dryer’s vent to become so clogged that it leads to a fire in your home. You can prevent this from becoming a nightmare in your home by practicing by cleaning the dryer vent. What is needed and how much it will cost you is below.

If you want to purchase a new clothes dryer that is one of the latest and greatest models or just an upgrade from the one you have now, you can purchase one that can not only save you money but protect your home as well. You want to consider the lint issues before you buy. Whatever model you end up with, you want to know where the lint trap is kept and how easy it is for you to access and clean. Taking time to pay close attention to the lint trap could save your home.

A fire hazard

So what causes a fire in the dryer to begin with? Materials that have been accumulating in the lint trap can restrict the flow of air and cause the heat to maintain and increase becoming so hot that it will cause a spark to begin. Materials that come off of the clothes that you are drying, lint, animal hair, thread, balls of wool are all loose and will come off while being aggressively tossed around and rubbed against other clothes during a normal drying cycle. Clothes dryer fires account for over 15,000 home fires, every year and that’s according to the National Fire Protection Association.

When the duct of a dryer is malfunctioning in some way, this means that the dryer will need to run longer in order to dry clothes. This can increase your electricity bill up to twenty-four extra dollars per month. On the other hand, maintaining your dryer can actually save you money on your energy bills, even if you clean them professionally.

Dry vent cleaning and inspecting

When you contact a technician, they will sometimes offer you a package deal on inspecting your home which will include inspecting connections between the wall and the dryer, a deep removal of lint that goes far beneath the lint trap, and a full exhaust duct cleaning to make sure that you are up to code. You can expect to pay anywhere from $120 – $160 for this type of service, depending on what is included and how close by these appliance repair professionals in San Diego County are to your home.

Steps to prevention

While you can call a professional to assist you in keeping your vents clean, there are a few things that you can still do too.

– Clean the lint screen after every load you dry.
– When you pull out the screen to clean it, inspect it to make sure that everything is intact before replacing it
– Check to ensure that the clothes have completely dried after a full cycle. If clothes are still damp, this is a good indication that the air may not be able to get around as it should.

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