Know About The Do-It-Yourself Solutions For Non-Spinning Kenmore Washing Machine

Check out these most common solutions, if your Kenmore washing machine has all of a sudden decided to stop spinning. The good news is you may be able to fix this problem yourself, if it’s non-mechanical. If you find that you cannot repair it, it is best to call in the appliance repair service in San Diego County.

Balancing Act

If clothes are not spread evenly in the washer or have bunched over to one side, the washer is not balanced. You can fix this by moving the clothes around. The dryer has automatically shut down to prevent mechanical damage. The spinning should begin when you close the lid.


Something else you might be able to fix are clogs in the drain trap. Small pieces of paper or other tiny thing come off clothing in the wash. This small debris may have collected in the drainpipe. Again, your washer will have shut down if this drain pipe has clogged. To fix this access the plug or drain trap cap. You will need a small container to catch water remaining in the cap. Turning the cap counterclockwise will drain liquid out. Clean debris out and replace the trap by securing it in the opposite direction you removed it. The spin cycle should resume when you restart the machine.


If you are still dealing with the machines dilemma, you can master reset most machines. To conduct the master reset, you must unplug your washing machine for one full minute. Plug it back in, open and close the door six times in a matter of 12 seconds. This will reset the machines computer.

Call a Pro

There are other problems that will cause your washing machine to stop spinning. If this is the case, you need to call a repairman. The interlock mechanism is a safety feature that keeps your washer closed and locked. If this interlock malfunctions, the machine will not spin or agitate the clothing. If this is the case, you will need the door lock and assembly replaced by a repairman professional.

The lid switch will require a professional.This is basically the same as the interlock function but found on top-load, older machines. The drive belt of the machine may be worn, frayed or split. It is tempting to try replacing this belt yourself, but again, it needs to be replaced by a licensed technician. Several other things could be the problem. Do not hesitate to contact a licensed repairman if your washing machine stops spinning.

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