Know All About Gas Dryer And Electric Dryer Before You Make A Choice

We no longer live in neighborhoods where clothes lines were strung in almost every yard down the block. The warm sun kindly drying off the clothes that were fastened to the cotton line as they freely moved in the air that blew. We now have a quick trip from transferring our clothes from the washer to the dryer without any hesitation; no matter what the weather is outside.

A clothes dryer bought convenience into the home with the ability to do so much with the clothes that were dried, rather than hanging them out on the line. Consumers today can purchase either an electric dryer or a gas dryer to place inside the home. And if there is any malfunction, then there are appliance repair experts in San Diego County that can help you handle the issues.

Electric Dryers

Pros –

The best part about owning an electric dryer is that they are more affordable when you need to buy a dryer compared to the gas. You can install an electric dryer about anywhere in your home with just a few pieces of equipment.

Cons –

Electric dryers are not as energy efficient as the gas. It also takes longer to heat up the coil to ultimately dry the clothes. More time is required and more power is required to wash clothes. Certain materials take longer to dry than others.

Gas Dryers

Pros –

Gas dryers have built up quite a reputation and doesn’t have too much to complain about. These dryers reduce wasted energy, they heat up almost instantly, and the clothes in a gas dryer take about half the time to dry as compared to the electric. There are also less damage done to the garments too.

Cons –

Before you can use a gas dryer, you will need to have a gas line run into the home from the neighborhood. You can’t do this, you will need the gas company to do that instead. In order to have this done, you may run into some additional charges. You will need to purchase a gas dryer, depending on what type of gas you use; propane or natural. Natural gas is normally fed through a line that runs into your home where a propane gas comes from a bottle placed on the outside of the home near the dryer.

It is hard to make the decision when purchasing a dryer that will suit your needs. They both ultimately dry your clothes but which process you use to get there is where you need to make a crucial decision. If you are not sure which one is right for you, talk to friends, family, and neighbors to get a better idea of which one may be better for your family. Remember, they both have pros and cons so it basically comes down to which one is right for you personally.

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