Learn How To Avoid Calling In Professionals For Household Appliance Repair

Household appliances don’t last forever and sometimes they break down or completely break. Sometimes appliance repairs are unavoidable. Other times, there’s not much a person could have done to prevent the appliance from breaking down.When an appliance breaks down, a person needs to decide whether to invest money in a repair or completely replace the appliance. This moment will come in anyone’s life and it can be financially painful either way.

Unfortunately, too many repairs or reasons for appliances breaking down are caused by owner carelessness. With some simple maintenance and care, such problems could have been avoided. Why people don’t bother with maintenance is unclear. Perhaps some think it’s too much work, that they’re not mechanically inclined. Others don’t have the time. And still others don’t know what they could have done and can do to prevent damage to future appliances.

Here’s a look at some simple maintenance and basic care for a few common appliances in the home. Following these tips will extend the life of your appliance and save you money on repair and replacement costs.

Washing Machines

Washing machines are a great invention and save countless hours of hand washing. We’re so used to them that we often take these machines for granted. It’s important to remember that while these machines are designed to be heavily used, they still need to be taken care of. Some practical steps will prolong the life of your washing machine and help you avoid costly appliance repairs.

– Empty out the pockets of your clothing each and every time before putting them into the washing machines. Even small items can damage a washing machine’s pump. Some items, like pens and markers, can do this and completely destroy a load of clothing. Anything tissue will leave white fluffs on all the clothing in the load and can take a couple of other loads to completely get rid of all those bits of paper. Tiny pieces of shredded tissue paper can collect in the tub of your washing machine and become a source of food for mold and mildew growth.

– Don’t overload your washing machine. Constant heavy and off balance loads are damaging to your machine. Don’t try to cram more clothing into your washing machine tub than it can handle. You may think that you’re saving time on filling up loads, but you’re doing more damage to your appliance.


Basic dryer maintenance is not difficult and only takes a few moments.

– Clean the lint screen before you start a new load. Do this every time even if there is only a small amount of lint. It doesn’t take long for lint to build up inside the dryer or the dryer vent line. The accumulation of dust and lint poses a fire hazard. It’s a good idea to vacuum out the vents once a year and to take apart your dryer once a year to have in thoroughly vacuumed. This will get rid of dust that could wear down the machine parts of the appliance.


For the most part, refrigerators are reasonably low maintenance and don’t require much to keep them running for years. It’s important to get the condenser of your refrigerator cleaned. It takes a few minutes to vacuum out the condenser and doing so will remove the particles that could cause wear and tear on the refrigerator compressor, and ultimately increase the lifespan of your fridge and help you avoid costly appliance repairs in San Diego County.

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