Causes and Solutions to Simple LG Washing Machine Problems

Rattling, knocking in the drum, and vibrations are often caused by an unstable position of the feet. If the machine is repositioned, the problem will resolve itself.


Also, the occasional knocking when washing may indicate wear of the bearings and oil seal, which provides sealing of the drum. They can be replaced by you.


To be sure of the cause of the noise, you should independently rotate the drum of the machine to the left and right with your hands. If the noise, crackling, or rumbling occurs, the cause is definitely faulty bearings.


If the machine jumps or bounces, then this malfunction is due to violations in the structure of the counterweight mounting.


Water leaks are caused by worn hoses or improper connections. In this case, you can simply tighten the couplings at the problem areas.


If the water does not drain from the drum of the washing machine, it is necessary to repair the drain system: clean the filter, and check the drain hose and pump.


Peculiarities in diagnosing the work of the heating element


If the machine began to poorly heat water, then you need to carry out a diagnosis of the TEN. The fact is that with prolonged use, scale is formed on the heating element, preventing its normal operation.  The heating elements can be easily cleaned even at home, for example, with acetic and citric acid.


Cleaning the heating element with citric acid:


– set the washing mode without laundry (temperature 60-90 degrees);

– instead of powder, citric acid should be poured (about 100 grams, but it all depends on the degree of soiling of the device).


This procedure can also be used for preventive purposes – once every six months or every quarter, depending on the intensity of washing.


Cleaning with vinegar:


– Also sets the washing mode without laundry;

– Pour 2 cups of vinegar into the receiver for the powder;

– start the washing for the longest program;

– after 5-10 minutes after starting the work, you should put the machine on pause and keep it in this position for about an hour;

– after an hour, you should resume washing and rinse the tank well to completely rinse out the vinegar solution;

– After that, a piece of cloth soaked in acetic acid is wiped on the door of the hatch.


But it will be more effective to prevent the formation of scale.  Preventing fouling can be done by installing specific magnetic water softeners (softener filters), which clean the incoming water of calcium and magnesium salts.


To increase the service life of the heating element, follow certain rules: do not wash laundry in boiling water (if possible), and do not bring things to a state of wear and very dirty appearance, because particles will get into the heating element and form a scum.


It is also recommended not to use cheap adulterated detergents, and to be more selective in the choice of detergents and gels.


Almost all LG washing machine malfunctions and breakdowns arise from improper use, therefore, to extend the life of the device, regular preventive measures should be taken.


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