Main malfunctions of the Samsung NO Frost refrigerator

The main malfunctions when the compressor malfunctions are usually due to a worn gasket that needs replacing, a faulty temperature sensor that also needs replacing, or a malfunctioning defrost system on the Samsung fridge.


In any of these cases, it is best to contact a professional who will correctly identify the cause of the fault and rectify it.


No Frost system fan failure 

The vast majority of Samsung two-chamber refrigerators use the No Frost system in their construction, which implies the presence of a fan. This facilitates the distribution of cold air inside the entire fridge compartment.


Thus, if the fan is faulty and is not working properly or not working at all, the temperature inside the fridge will be higher than what we have set in the system settings, but the freezer will continue to work.


Air damper malfunction 

The main cooling of the air is done in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. The cold air is then blown into the cooling compartment via a fan so that it reaches the correct temperature. It is delivered through a special air flap.


Electronic malfunction 

Many Samsung fridges are fitted with an electronic control system. There are many advantages over mechanical control, but it is worth remembering that the smooth operation of the electronics in any appliance depends on the quality of the mains electricity supply. Namely the unstable mains is the most frequent reason that electronics in Samsung refrigerators malfunction.


Defrost heating element failure 

It may seem surprising, but your fridge has a heating element. It is needed in order to defrost the freezer compartment in time when there is frosting. The defrost heating element in the refrigerator is not as powerful as the heating element in a washing machine or water heater, but it is no less important for the overall operation of the unit.


There is frosting on the evaporator 

The No Frost system of any fridge, including Samsung, does not provide for the need to defrost the fridge or the formation of a coat of snow or ice. However, it can be a very worrying symptom of a fridge breakdown, as evidenced by the coating of frost on the evaporator.


Fridge compressor noises and banging 

Extraneous noise or even knocking when your refrigerator is running, especially if the operation has become unstable, can indicate a rather serious breakdown or malfunction of your refrigerator. In most cases, the most sensible solution is to call in an experienced technician to deal with the problematic situation.


The refrigerator does not respond to new settings

Modern Samsung fridges have an electronic control panel with a display. This allows the user to set the desired operating mode of the refrigerator and the temperature it should maintain. In some cases, however, the refrigerator may not respond to a new temperature setting or an attempt to activate an operating mode.


Drain frosting 

Another problem common to Samsung fridges is the frosty drainage channel, which drains excess moisture from the freezer compartment. This can occur in some models due to design features. Sometimes the compressor tubes with cold components are located in close proximity to the drain system, which provokes its frosting.


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