Maintenance Tips For Your Appliances

Dryers, as well as other appliances need continual regular maintenance in order to function normal at all times. If something runs down, it could be a huge cost to repair it or replace it. Its important to keep your appliances working at its best all the time and in order to do that, you should perform these five maintenance tips to keep them lasting for a while longer.

#1: Don’t Overload: Whether it is your washing machine, your dryer, refrigerator, or your dishwasher, putting too many items inside in order to save time and possibly energy is going to result in poor quality and eventually repairs that could have been avoided.

#2: Clean the refrigerator coils on a monthly basis. Over time, the dust that bounces around the kitchen will eventually go on the floor near the refrigerator and get sucked inside the motor of the refrigerator. The dust will eventually pile up and cause the motor to not be able to circulate air around it. This will cause the fridge to break down. You can avoid it by simply vacuuming the back of the refrigerator including the coils and the front grill of the unit to suck out the dust that has accumulated.

#3: Refrigerator odors are horrible. Whether it is because you haven’t cleaned the fridge in a while or the power has been off and the food has gone bad – smells = bacteria. You need to get rid of the food causing the smell and then wipe down all the shelves inside the fridge. Use a disinfectant to kill the germs causing the odor. Spread a newspaper over the shelves and leave it for a while so the newspaper can absorb the odors faster and continue to do this daily until the odor is gone.

#4: Checking your oven temp: If the stove or oven isn’t heating up as it should, you may want to re-calibrate the setting of temperature. You will need to refer to the owner’s manual to do this or contact a professional to come out and do it for you.

#5: Clean spills up as soon as they happen. It is important to clean something up on the stove as soon as it spills over the pots or kettles or a baking dish in the oven. If the spill is close to the burner, you may want to turn off your stove and allow it a few minutes to cool down so you can wipe it off and then turn it back on to continue cooking or baking.

If you have any doubts about how to clean your unit, you can find further directions in your owner manual or you can call an appliance repair professional in San Diego County to come out and assist you or talk you through it over the phone.

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