Maintenance Tips For Your Trash Compactor You Should Take Into Consideration

If you have a trash compactor in your home, you are probably liking this option. The thought of an appliance that can actually help you clean up after enjoying a meal with your family is extraordinary. Whether you run your trash compactor frequently or just every once in a while, it is important that you perform a few maintenance in order to keep it working as it should for many years to come. Below, you will find some helpful tips and hints to help:

Tip #1: Clean it

You want to clean out your trash compactor completely once a month. Between each use, bacteria can build up causing a lot of germs to multiply. When you clean your trash compactor out monthly, be sure to use a cleaner that will help to kill the bacteria. You may want to also use a degreaser in clean the platform that feeds the items down on the garbage. You can also wipe off any other part of that compactor that comes into contact with the actual garbage being fed through.

Tip #2: Replace the Filter

Most of the models will come with a replaceable filter. These filters are made with charcoal in order to absorb most of the odors associated with a trash compactor. Be sure to follow the owner’s manual to know what size filters to purchase and how often you need to replace them. The appliance repair professional in San Diego County

Tip #3: Deodorize your Trash Compactor

When you deal with garbage, you will have odors. Because bacteria is the culprit of odors caused inside the trash compactor you need to find a deodorizer that will not only kill the odors but also keep it gone for several days before needing to be replaced. Some deodorizers will last up to thirty days, depending on what they are made from.

Tip #4: Always Unplug First

Before you do anything to your trash compactor, you should unplug the unit before you begin working on it and performing these maintenance tips.You want to make sure that you consistently work at keeping your garbage compactor cleaned.

Keep the odors down and when you start smelling the compactor, it is time to clean it and give it a fresh new deodorizer as well in order to help kill the bacteria that may be growing inside this unit. You can’t see the bacteria but you know that it is there because it smells.

Always check your owner’s manual in order to determine what to use to clean your garbage compactor and how often you should clean it. When in doubt, call a professional to look at your model too. These tips and hints are only to help you maintain a working garbage compactor. If you start having issues with your model, be sure to call a specialist instead of trying to fix it yourself.

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