Malfunctions with the oven

Ovens have recently become very popular, as it is easy and convenient to bake any dishes in them, because for this it is enough to set the temperature regime, the cooking time, and you can do other things. The breakdown of the oven is quite rare, but still, it can happen at any time and thus destroy all plans for a delicious lunch or dinner. In this article, we will tell you what malfunctions of an electric oven can occur and how they can be eliminated without resorting to the services of an oven repair master.


The oven overheats


If you set the required temperature and cooking time, but at the end of the process you find that the product remains raw, too fried, or too dry, most likely the oven is heating up too much or, on the contrary, not enough. The fact is that the electric oven has a thermostat, which is responsible for temperature regulation. It is the thermostat that controls the heating of heating elements and their shutdown at the right moment. If the food burns or does not bake, and the cooking mode is set correctly, the reason lies in the malfunction of the thermostat. It will be necessary to replace the part with the correct one, for this it is best to contact the HOME APPLIANCE SERVICE CENTER master.


The foreign smell from the oven


Very often, users complain of a strange smell when the oven is turned on. Fortunately, this does not indicate a broken device. Pay attention: how often do you use the device? If the baking of food occurs quite rarely, then the reason is quite understandable: during the idle period, dust sticks to the heater, which begins to burn out when heated, which provokes the release of an unpleasant smell. So that the dish does not absorb an unpleasant smell, it is enough to heat the device with the door open for about 20-30 minutes and the fire will evaporate. However, if there is a smell of plastic or wiring, you should turn off the device and contact the HOME APPLIANCE SERVICE CENTER for diagnostics, since such a smell is the first signal that the wires or terminals are burning.


Convection lowers the temperature in the oven


If you noticed that the fan, which is intended for air circulation in the oven, is blowing cold air (which it shouldn’t be), then the ring heating element located behind the fan has burned out. It is necessary to replace the heating element with a new one. In most ovens, the ring heating element is replaced from inside the oven. To do this, it is necessary to remove the grid located inside the device on the back wall and dismantle the defective part, then install a new one in the reverse order and put the grid in its place.


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