Microwave inside sparks and cracks

This problem is considered quite common and quite dangerous. The reason lies in the banal – negligence. Users, finding that the microwave sparks, continue to use it actively and for a long time. It is strictly forbidden to do this! Owners are obliged to immediately contact a specialist or carry out repairs with their own hands, subject to the availability of tools and specialized knowledge.

The most common prerequisite for why the microwave sparks and the sequence of actions to eliminate malfunctions
The first thing you should pay attention to is the magnetron. To detect damage or malfunctions, it is necessary to disassemble the device.

The main thing! Before any manipulations, disconnect the oven from the mains.

What to do if the microwave sparks – stages of diagnosis and repair:

1. After removing the mica plate, you should visually assess the level of its damage. The burnout of this protective screen is also one of the reasons why the magnetron does not work and the microwave does not heat. Its destruction, in most cases, is due to the accumulation of fats and food residues on its surface. That is why experts advise cleaning the interior of the oven as often as possible, ideally after each use.

2. The screen is not subject to repair and is completely replaced – a new spare part is purchased and installed in place of the old one.

3. At the final stage, a check is carried out – the device is connected to the network and activated.

Pay attention! Before replacing the mica, you need to make sure that this part is the source of the malfunction. To do this, turn on the device, just for a few seconds without the plate, and see if the microwave sparks or not. You do not need to put anything inside, it can contaminate the open magnetron tube. But the device should be started with all responsibility and caution, no more than 3-5 seconds.

If this happened for a long time, and the operation was prolonged, then it is possible to burn out not only mica but also internal metal elements, in particular under and around the plate. Before installing the screen, carefully inspect the surfaces and analyze the level of their damage. And also assess the condition of the tube and magnetron cap, if the microwave crackles and sparks. A leak can disable the entire unit, which cannot be repaired and must be replaced entirely.

To inspect the unit, you need to disassemble the case – unscrew all the fasteners, and remove the cover. In many models, it is an all-metal construction.

Before carrying out any work, including if you find out why the microwave sparks, the two-pole should be discharged, that is, the accumulated voltage should be discharged. To do this, use a dielectric screwdriver. The metal part should be in contact with the oven body, and the end with the capacitor terminal. With such a short circuit, a spark may occur.

The cap is located on the side of the inner chamber of the furnace and is not visible behind the body of the magnetron itself. Therefore, it should also be dismantled in the same way, unscrewing all fixing elements. It is not necessary to disconnect the incoming wires. The main thing is to carefully remove the unit and turn the back side, where the cap is located. If the wires are short, you will need to disconnect the terminals. It is not necessary to memorize their position.

The cap is a small metal tube. If it is burnt or charred, then the reason why the microwave sparks lie in it. This part can be replaced – remove the old one with pliers and put on a new one. This is done very carefully so as not to damage the internal components hiding under the cap. It is installed quite tricky, it will have to be slightly pressed. In any case, all efforts should be made reasonably.

But before you start repairing, ask – are you ready to perform such work, risking the health and performance of the equipment? When entering the query “why does the microwave spark” into the search engine, be prepared for the fact that all the answers in the search results are only advisory. And for the repair you will need:

– screwdrivers of different formats, according to the types of fasteners used by the manufacturer;
– dielectric tools and gloves (optional, but recommended);
– spare parts for replacement.
And of course, knowledge of the furnace circuit and device.

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