Microwave life

Microwave has long been an everyday attribute of any modern kitchen. This useful appliance allows you to quickly heat or cook food with a minimum of effort and time. In everyday life, this technique has become truly indispensable. In this article, let’s focus on the peculiarities of the microwave oven device and its service life.


Buying a microwave in a home appliance store, consumers are primarily interested in the device’s functions, reliability, and durability indicators.


Most microwave models have the following functions: heating, defrosting, grilling, and convection.


The device quickly and evenly heats food, which is very convenient, for example, in the morning, when everyone is in a hurry to work. In addition, you can do without pots, pans, and harmful oil. It’s enough to put the food on a plate or in a container, put the container on the turntable in the chamber, and turn on the heating mode. In a couple of minutes, the hot snack is already on the table. If there is no time to deal with a full meal, it is easy to prepare hot and delicious sandwiches with a variety of fillings in the microwave.


For your information! American scientists managed to find out one important detail that shows the benefits of this electric appliance. Harmful and dangerous microorganisms, which are contained in food, die under the influence of microwaves 5 minutes after the products are in the chamber.


How long can a microwave oven last?


Due to many factors, including improper operation, sooner or later the electrical equipment fails. Are microwave ovens designed for long life? And how to prolong the operation of equipment?


Well-known brands engaged in the production of microwave ovens indicate in the certificate of devices service life of 6 years and above.


What affects the service life of the microwave oven


Product Quality


Models of microwave ovens offered in the market of household appliances have different costs and sets of functions. It is better to make your choice in favor of proven brands.


The quality of the device affects the type of coating used in the chamber. It is recommended to buy cameras with ceramic and bioceramic coating. Such a surface is easy to clean and is considered safe for health. It does not leave traces of dishes on it.


In order to save time and effort, some microwave ovens are equipped with a mode of “steam cleaning”. Of course, this additional function is reflected in the price of the equipment, but it will ensure the camera from mechanical damage.


A side note! Electromagnetic waves emitted by the device should remain only within the chamber, so it is equipped with doors that prevent the radiation to go outside.


How to use the oven correctly


For the microwave oven to serve well, it is important to initially take care of the location of the equipment.


Manufacturer’s recommendations


– It is not recommended to place the microwave oven close to a wall or any surface! It is important to leave a gap of at least 4 inches to allow hot air to escape through the ventilation grills.


– Do not place the microwave on an uneven surface.


– Do not have other appliances, such as a washing machine, refrigerator, electric stove, or heater, near the microwave oven. All vibrating appliances and units, the walls of which are heated during operation, have a negative impact on the microwave oven.


– It is not recommended to heat food in cylindrical and narrow containers.


– It is better not to cook foods containing casing, such as sausages, eggs, and tomatoes.


– It is forbidden to let the microwave work idle. This may cause damage to the magnetron.


How to use the microwave oven correctly


– Use a special container. Many stores sell special containers and utensils for heating or defrosting food in microwave ovens. Some manufacturers offer utensils included with the purchase. Unlike conventional kitchen utensils, these containers will not harm the chamber.


– It is allowed to use food plastic containers or heat-resistant glass.


– Under no circumstances are put on the rotating platform metal dishes or plates with steel elements, rims, and gold patterns.


If your microwave started to work incorrectly, you should not wait and should call a professional.


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