Microwave Sparks and Cracks

Of the breakdowns that cause a microwave oven to spark, the most common is that the microwave disperser – the mica plate – is burned or dirty. One of its sides goes directly into the oven chamber, and over time it settles fatty plaque and residues of cooking food. These contaminants, under the influence of microwaves, heat and overheat the plate, which begins to break down and lose its properties. The first sign of the beginning of the destructive process – the microwave inside sparks from the side where the plate is located. If no action is taken, you may soon need to repair the microwave part of the circuit with the replacement of the magnetron, as it is not designed for such a load. The very replacement of the mica plate in the microwave is not a particularly difficult task and can be done by the owner himself.


  1. Make sure that the reason that the microwave oven sparks is exactly in a defective mica plate. To do this, carefully inspect the surfaces of the part for burned areas. If they are present – the plate inside the microwave should be replaced.
  2. carefully remove the old plate, and carefully clean the inside surfaces of the chamber of the microwave oven from grease and soot.
  3. Sometimes it is quite difficult to buy a mica diffuser for a particular model, so you can take the old part as a sample and buy a similar plate, slightly larger in size.
  4. trim the new part, using the old one as a template.
  5. Sand the cut areas with sandpaper.
  6. If necessary, drill holes to attach the new plate using a drill, at the locations marked using the old plate.


The work must be performed with great care so as not to damage the enamel coating of the walls of the chamber.


The microwave oven sparks when turned on


If the microwave oven sparks inside the chamber immediately after start-up, it is likely that the layer of enamel with which it is covered inside is damaged. Its main purpose is to prevent “breakdown to the body” by powerful rays during the cooking or heating of food. If you treat the oven carelessly, inserting heavy containers of food or allowing it to touch the walls of the compartment of rotating dishes on the tray, the enamel coating appears chipped, cracked or scratched. Through these spots, the microwave cracks and sparkles.


To restore the insulation in damaged areas, you need to use not the usual construction paint, but a special enamel, which should have the appropriate properties. The easiest thing to do is to go to a repair shop, because it is still a challenge to get good quality enamel. But it is possible to apply it to places through which there is a “leakage” of microwave rays and the microwave cracks and sparks, you can yourself.


To do this you need to:


– Remove all dirt from the walls of the chamber. To do this, you can use ordinary chemical detergents;

– In places where the old enamel is blown or badly adhered, it must also be carefully removed;

– Wipe the surfaces dry;

– Apply the purchased enamel to the damaged areas and allow time for it to fully cure;

– Check the operability of the furnace and the absence of “bursts”.


But it is always easier to prevent a breakdown than to restore the serviceability of a household appliance. To enamel for as long as possible, in addition to careful attitude to the equipment, it is necessary to regularly perform preventive cleaning of the surfaces of the chamber. To do this, heat the oven for a quarter of an hour at low power and then wipe all surfaces, including the mica plate, tray and rotation elements of the plate with water. Then the walls are treated with grease-soluble chemicals and a sponge is used to collect the grease.


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