My Refrigerator Door Won’t Seal: Repair Tips from Appliance Service Experts

Though most appliance service calls have to do with more critical internal component failures, faulty fridge doors are just as serious of a problem. While the fix is usually less involved and less expensive, a faulty door will stop an otherwise functional fridge from doing its job, which means spoilage, inflated grocery bills, and excessive energy consumption as your fridge tries in vain to cool the exterior air that’s leaking in.

If your fridge door is faulty, our appliance service in San Diego County is just what you need. Our team is fully licensed, insured, and specially trained to fix refrigerators of all makes and models.

If you’d rather make a repair attempt of your own, the following fridge door repair walkthrough will come in handy!

My Fridge Door Won’t Seal Properly – Step by Step Repair Instructions

So you notice a gap at the top of your fresh food compartment fridge door. It’s allowing warm air to seep through, compromising the cooling capabilities of your unit. It sounds like you’ll need to replace your fridge’s two nylon hinge washers.

What You’ll Need:

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • ⅜” nut driver

Here’s how:

  • First, you will have to remove both hinges. You will have to take the freezer door off to properly access the fridge door.
    The hinge cover can simply be popped off. There will be two ⅜” screws holding the hinge in place. Remove these using your screwdriver, but be sure to hold the door in place as you do so.
  • Once the freezer door has been removed, you can move on to the fridge door hinge. Loosen the screws using a phillips head screwdriver and set both aside. Remove the hinge by lifting up and then remove the fresh food fridge door.
  • To install the new hinge washer, simply slide them in place over the exposed hinge piece’s pin. Now you can put the door back in place. Ensure that it is resting at the correct height.
  • Replace the pin and screws for the middle hinge. Fasten the Phillips screw in place.
  • Install the freezer door. This will require you to line up the door with the hinge pin and lower it into place.
  • Now you can reinstall the top hinge. Put the pin in the opening, line up the hinge, then secure the two ⅜” screws where they were resting initially.
  • Once the screws are secured, you can snap the hinge cover back into place. Line it up and push down.
  • Check for gaps. The fridge door should not be scraping along the bottom of the freezer piece, and no airflow gaps should be visible.

Still having trouble?

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