Necessary Steps Before Buying A Humidifier

Having overly dry air in your home is annoying, after all, nobody likes dry, burning eyes and tight skin. But you shouldn’t just go running and buy yourself a humidifier straight away, since there are a few things you should be aware of beforehand.

Inspect Your Air

A hygrometer is relatively cheap and will be able to tell you how much moisture there really is in your air. 35% to 55% would be ideal, since anything above can lead to an increase in bacteria and dust mites, as well as to mold. However, anything below can dry out all the wood in your home, including doors and floorboards, as well as cause you nosebleeds and dry skin.

As you walk through your home with your hygrometer, you should check if the dry air is limited to just a few rooms, or if it really affects your entire home. Normally, the moisture that comes from every time you switch on the tab or simply breathe, should be enough to keep the air humid, but if that’s not a case, you should call in someone to do a home performance check-up to see where all that moist air is going and where the dry air is coming from.

Choosing Your Humidifier

If you find that the dry air is limited to your bedroom, you should be fine with a basic room humidifier. There are models for war mist, cool mist, some with a setting for the ideal humidity level, some are louder, some are quieter, and some are advertised as kid-friendly because of their heavy base which stops it from tumbling over too easily and their cool mist which keeps children from burning themselves. No matter which type you settle for, you’ll always need to clean it as stated in the manual to keep bacteria out. And of course, don’t make your room too moist. Mold is bad for everyone.

The Whole-House Humidifier

This thing requires duct-work throughout your entire home, as well as a forced air system, and then it will have to be kept in the basement or living space since keeping it in the attic could lead to frozen humidity lines. However, the upside is that it will only have to be set once since it automatically measures humidity levels on the regular without prompting. Checking and changing the filter is still a must though by the appliance repair service in San Diego County.

Preventative measures are, of course, the best way to go though. If you put hygrometers on every level and check them on the regular, you can often identify the source of the problem early on and fix it before it can become an issue.

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