New Technology To Extend Shelf Life

Refrigerator manufacturers are coming up with new technologies that not only make refrigerator maintenance much easier, but also make a significant contribution to keeping food fresh. So what features should your modern refrigerator have?

Zero zone Refrigerator
Zero zone of a refrigerator is a special compartment in which the temperature can be reduced to 0-degree. A temperature of around zero extends the freshness of the food. A temperature of around zero prolongs the freshness of food, as the growth of undesirable microorganisms is minimized. Foods retain their original flavor and aroma better, and vitamins are not lost. You can also set the humidity in the zero zone to 90% depending on the type of food you are storing. For example, while a higher humidity is suitable for fruits and vegetables, a humidity of around 50% is ideal for storing meat and cold meat dishes.

Antibacterial linings in fridges
Antibacterial treatment in the refrigerator is a very effective protection against the spread and growth of bacteria, mold and germs. Most often, it means that the entire inside of the refrigerator is coated with a layer of silver-based compounds. This keeps food fresher for longer and also minimizes the spread of odors.

A Ionizer
The ionizer in the refrigerator enriches the air with a large number of negatively charged ions, which inhibit the growth of microorganisms, prolong the freshness of food and neutralize odors from fragrant foods. Simply put, the ionizer purifies the air in your refrigerator.

Supercooling, or SuperCool, or SuperFrost, is to protect foods that are already chilled to prevent them from heating up. Pressing the Super Cool knob lowers the temperature in your refrigerator by at least 2°C. So, for example, if you put a large purchase in the refrigerator, the new food will cool faster and prevent the temperature in the refrigerator from rising and the stored food from heating up. Once cooled, the refrigerator automatically switches back to the original temperature.

Ventilation, or Refrigerator Ventilation System
The air in the upper part of the refrigerator is warmer than the lower part, but the refrigerator ventilation system distributes the cold air throughout the interior of the refrigerator, maintaining the same temperature everywhere. Thanks to this system, the set temperature inside the refrigerator is restored faster every time the refrigerator is opened.

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