No Frost refrigerator crackle

No Frost chambers are designed slightly differently than compressor refrigerators. In No Frost, the cooled air inside the system is moved by a fan. If the chamber is not defrosted for a long time, the fan blades grow ice, and the refrigerator cracks violently when it is running. If the hostess has heard such a sound, it is necessary to defrost the device urgently. Otherwise, the fan will break, and it will be necessary to make repairs because the owner of the refrigerator has violated the rules of operation of the model. If you need refrigerator repair, it is best to contact HOME APPLIANCE SERVICE CENTER.


Knocking on the refrigerator


There are several reasons for the appearance of knocking in the refrigerator. Most of them are associated with minor problems, which are not difficult to fix. Below we will tell you why the refrigerator knocks when operating, turning on and off.


Crooked installation


If the refrigerator is installed on an uneven or slanted surface, it is possible that a knock may occur. This problem can be solved by yourself. To do this, it is enough to align the refrigerator by setting it exactly horizontally.


In any modern model, the legs or rollers are held by screw threads. By screwing them up, you can adjust the height. To perfectly align your refrigerator horizontally, use a construction level. If it is not at hand, you can be guided by the sound – if the knocking disappears, then you have done everything correctly. If you do not know how to do it correctly – it is better to apply to professionals.


Skew or deformation


It is possible that the compressor is warped and in contact with metal parts. Also, the knocking can occur with a bent tube, the deformation of which occurred during transportation. Knocking in the refrigerator when the compressor is turned off or on is due to increased vibration (in non-inverter models). It or the tubes can knock on other elements.


You can solve the problem yourself. To do so, carefully inspect the compressor and copper freon piping. If the compressor or tubes are in contact with other elements, they are either close to them, put a gasket. A piece of any material will do.




If the refrigerator freezes well, but suddenly after prolonged use there is a knock, you need to check the loading of the chambers. There is a good chance that they are heavily overloaded. With a large load, air circulation deteriorates and the temperature sensor may give wrong readings. Because of this, the compressor in the refrigerator knocks, as it has to work in an increased load mode.


To check if this is the cause of the knocking, you need to empty your refrigerator completely of food, pans, etc. If after that the knocking stopped, then the cause of its appearance was in heavily loaded chambers.


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