Oven: the principle of operation, functional purpose, features, advantages/disadvantages

When faced with the choice of an oven, many housewives get lost in the vast array of models. Therefore, it is worth classifying them and considering the most popular options step by step:


  1. Depending on the free space in the kitchen, you can choose either a built-in oven model, one combined with a stove, or a separate oven. For example, the Russell Hobbs 20910-56 model with a volume of 28 liters is convenient for placement on any free work surface. The volume of a stationary oven is usually larger, such models are chosen for a large family.


  1. According to the method of coolant supply, devices can be gas and electric. The heating elements in electric ovens are heating elements located on the lower and upper surfaces, and they can additionally be equipped with a grill and a convection mode. With a large number of heating modes, electric ovens have an impressive number of culinary functions, and two-sided heating makes dishes and baked goods evenly baked. The disadvantage of electric ovens is their high power consumption, but gas ovens are considered economical and can be connected not only to main pipelines but also to gas cylinders. However, their use is limited by the conditions of gas connection. For safety reasons, modern gas models have a gas control that shuts off the fuel supply when the fire goes out.


  1. If the oven is used for a large family, it is worth taking a closer look at large-volume models, for example, the Gorenje BO 637E13X oven. The volume of 67 liters, the AquaClean cleaning function, and the presence of a convection mode will allow the hostess not only to enjoy cooking but also to easily feed a large company. And small electric ovens will find application in the country or in a small family.


However, the main criterion when familiarizing yourself with oven models is their capabilities in the cooking process. Even if you opt for a standard oven, you can cook many dishes. In gas ovens, the burner is located at the bottom of the device, while heating elements in electric ovens heat the food from above and below. Both variants of modern ovens are perfect for culinary tasks and have safety measures to protect children and adults from burns, gas leaks, or electric shocks.


Multifunctional models on the Bosch HBN559E1Q with convection options, grill mode, or even a steam generator. For the convenience of the process, thermometers, timers, and lighting are built into the oven panel.


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