Pinpointing When Your GE Profile microwave Requires A Service Call

Do you have a built in GE Profile microwave? Even these types of microwaves need repair every now and again. If you find that your GE Profile microwave is not working correctly, you may want to repair what you have instead of purchasing a new one. The microwaves have made a big improvement in cooking and preparing foods throughout the years. What started out as a big box in the seventies, it has now become a major appliance that is no bigger than the size of a plate.

Cold Food

GE Profile microwaves are designed to heat foods up in less than three minutes. If your GE Profile microwave is not working correctly, then three minutes will not heat your food up to the right temperature. Instead, you may find that it’s still cold and put it in for another three minutes only to find that it is still cold. When this happens, you may realize at this moment, something may be wrong with it. Something that could be wrong with it is the diode which is internally embedded into the GE Profile microwave and requires a professional to look at it. Another issue that could be causing this problem is a bad door switch.

No Turntable Movement

Not all microwaves have a turntable but if yours does, then you may not see it turning your food around while it is microwaving or maybe it is struggling to move, like it is catching on something. If your GE Profile microwave has a turntable, they are valuable in allowing a more even heating of the foods. If it doesn’t work, you may be tempted to buy a replaceable turntable at your local store but this may not work in your GE Profile microwave either. If you need to replace your turntable, you will want to find a factory approved turntable instead.

Intermittently Shuts Off

What if you set the GE Profile microwave for two minutes and then go around the kitchen doing what you need to do and when you come back, you notice that the microwave is off but it says that there are still 20 seconds left on the clock. If this happens, you could have something wrong with the control panel or the main circuit board. You will need to take the GE Profile microwave to a professional to troubleshoot the touchpad first to determine what could be the problem.

Sparking Interior

If you notice sparks inside the microwave while it is going, this could be a very big problem. This could be due to the Rays from the radiation used inside the microwave to power it. When the Rays bounce off the walls inside, it could cause a problem over time when the metal begins to show.

No Touchpad Response

This is a common problem with a simple repair. It doesn’t take long for the microwave touchpad to become worn out if you live in a busy household. When these plates wear out, they are easy to replace, however it’s best to let an appliance repair technician in San Diego County do that.

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