Possible breakdowns of refrigerators with drip defrosting system

We have been entrusted with the repair of their refrigerators by more than 55,000 users, and we are very familiar with the situation with the appearance of water at the bottom of the refrigerating chamber under the drawers for fruits and vegetables. Based on the data of the performed repairs, we have collected the most common breakdowns of refrigerators with a “crying” evaporator, when water collects under the drawers inside the refrigerator, see the information we have collected below.

Door Seal
The rubber seal of the fridge compartment door seal does not fit tightly (due to damage or natural wear and tear), because of that warm air gets inside the refrigerator. The unit, trying to eliminate the excessive heat in the refrigerating chamber, starts working almost without switching off. As a result, the rear wall of the refrigerator has no time to thaw, the drain hole freezes, and a large number of water forms inside the refrigerating compartment.

Temperature sensor
The temperature sensor has malfunctioned, which does not properly “inform” about the temperature in the refrigerator compartment. This causes the refrigerator motor to shut off later than necessary. As a result, the refrigerator compartment over freezes the food, and ice forms on the back wall of the chamber. The meltwater drain tube also freezes. When the refrigerator shuts down, the ice melts, and a lot of water forms. Because the drain is frozen, the meltwater has nowhere to go but to accumulate under the fruit and vegetable drawers in the refrigerator compartment.

Possible breakdowns of No Frost system refrigerators
If water regularly appears under the fruit and vegetable drawers in a Full No Frost fridge, in most cases it is an indication of a defect in the unit’s evaporator defrost module. Additionally, the following signs will indicate the malfunction:
– the refrigerator hardly ever shuts off;
– a thick layer of ice has formed in the freezer compartment;
– The fridge compartment does not cool.

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