Problems in the operation of the sensors of the washing machine Bosсh 

If the display shows F26, then the machine may be a broken pressure sensor, which protects the machine from voltage problems, it is also needed to measure the amount of water in the tank.


This is a critical error, fix it this way:


– turn off the washer for 30 minutes (ON/OFF button) to reset it;

– check the functioning of the pressure sensor;

– check that the connection circuits are not broken.


If this sensor is not set, F27 is displayed. In this case, restart the machine, and check the pressure sensor, the wiring, the water pressure, and the fill hose. If necessary, fix the problem or replace the broken parts.


When there is no water in the tank, F28 flashes. This is due to a faulty flow sensor. Start by resetting the system. Then diagnose the flow sensor, fill the valve, and check the wiring for faults (debris, no head). Upgrade the defective parts.


If the flow sensor fails and gives too high or, conversely, too low a value, you may see code F60 on the display. This could be caused by low or high water line pressure, a problem with the fill valve, no water in the system, a failed level sensor or board, a broken blocker or heater, or problems with the sump pump.


Check if the wiring, flow sensor, or filter in the fill valve is functioning properly. If it’s a plumbing problem, it’s easy to fix it yourself or have a professional come out. In other situations, it is necessary to check all the specified parts and replace them.


Code F59 appears when the 3D sensor does not function and a measuring error occurs. This is caused by a module error, a loose circuit board, or a burned-out or faulty sensor.


In this situation it is necessary to restart the device first, then check the correct position of the magnet, the wiring and the 3D sensor of the device, and the module and fix the problem.


Incorrect drum rotation


The unreal speed of the engine rotation, which can not be controlled, provokes the appearance of code F42. The error is critical, so reset the device with the power button and check the module.


F42 may also be caused by a damaged TACHO sensor (which controls the unit’s RPM), a broken motor, or a faulty triac on the board. The problem can be corrected by replacing the RPM sensor, repairing the motor and its wiring, or repairing a section of the electronic board.


If the motor is blocked and the drum does not rotate at all, code F43 is seen. This critical error occurs because of jammed laundry between the drum and the tank.


To fix it, it is necessary to:


– restart the machine;

– check if the limit load level is not exceeded;

– check if the TACHO generator is working properly;

– make sure that the module and wiring are functioning without errors.


This error requires immediate repair. Therefore, check the drum, and the internal parts of the device, and replace them if necessary.


When there is no rotation only in the reverse direction, see F44. The error is critical, so it is necessary to include a restart, and then check the module and parts responsible for rotation.


A failed triac, unbalanced drum, overloaded tank, or broken reversing relay can provoke a malfunction. It is necessary, after testing, to replace the triac on the board, the relay, or the controller.


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