Protection of the washing machine from hard water

Hard water is one of the worst enemies of modern washing machines. After all, it is the reason why scale appears on their surfaces – an unpleasant white deposit that is difficult to remove. If scale forms on the drum, the heating element, and the inner part of the pipes of the machine, the risk of premature failure of the device increases rapidly. That is why the question is always relevant – how to protect the washing machine from the scale?

And to solve this problem, special means for softening water can be used. They are presented in stores where various household appliances are sold, in a large assortment. They are used with all types of washing machines – those that wipe with water, and those that affect pollution with both water and steam. By the way, you can buy a product that will not only soften the water but also help the appearance of a protective film on the surfaces of the machine elements. And the service life of your household appliance will increase.

Prevention of mud deposits and scale

A water softener is not the only answer to the question of how to prevent scale in the washing machine. For example, you can also use washing powder, which includes special additives.

It is also desirable to carefully monitor compliance with the temperature regime. With a good detergent, any contamination from things will be removed at 104-140 degrees. Therefore, there is no point in using very hot water. Especially since it will contribute to the appearance of scale.

Do not forget about regular prevention. It can be both professional and organized at home. To do this, you need to start the washing machine once a month with an empty drum and this time at the maximum temperature. In the container for powder, you can add either professional anti-scaling agents or folk solutions, which often turn out to be no less effective. One of the most popular examples of such folk remedies is vinegar. Hot water, in turn, will dissolve particles of fat that could get inside the machine with clothes, and thus prevent the reproduction of unwanted bacteria and fungi inside the drum.

Cleaning the intake pump and drain

You should also clean the inlet pump and drain of the washing machine once a month. Coping with this task is not difficult. But if you want the work to be done qualitatively, then strictly follow the instructions. It specifies the nuances that are relevant for one or another model of the machine.

Why is cleaning these items so important? The fact is that small objects that got into the washing machine are stuck on them, for example, small children’s toys, which can easily block the outlet and thereby create a lot of problems. Please note that when regularly washing fluffy clothes, it is advisable to clean the inlet pump and drain more often.

As for cleaning the filter, it can be done no more than once a year. At the same time, check the condition of the hose in order to notice its possible damage in time. If necessary, replace the old accessories with new ones.

Prevention of bad smell

In some cases, it is important to know how to clean the washing machine from the smell. Everything is simple with this too. Leave the washing machine open after each wash. This applies to both vertical and frontal. This is necessary so that the machine dries from the inside. So you will avoid the appearance of unwanted bacteria and fungi on the walls of the drum. And, what is important, such a simple action is an excellent prevention of an unpleasant smell, which often appears in the interior of a household appliance. Some experts even recommend wiping the remaining water from the walls of the drum with a dry washcloth.

It is equally important to clean the dispenser on time, as moisture and darkness reign over it, creating all the conditions for the development of microorganisms. Periodically remove the powder container and wash it with water using detergents. It will not be superfluous to clean the place where the dispenser is placed. After washing, run the washing machine in idle mode to finally get rid of possible trace elements. Now you know how to remove the smell from the washing machine.

As you can see, the above tips are simple to implement. And this means that taking care of the washing machine and extending its life, is not so difficult. It is enough to approach the performance of the necessary actions responsibly, after which they will quickly be brought to automatism. And then your washing machine will last for a long time.

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