Refrigerator Repair: the nuances of work

Household appliances make life much easier for every busy person, but, unfortunately, they sometimes break down. And refrigerators are no exception. At one very unpleasant moment, the tried and tested “white friend” suddenly breaks down.


It is well if it has already served its time. But if the term of operation is far from over, the best way out is to address the certified masters-refrigerators who have experience in repairing units. However, in some cases, you can do it yourself.


Nuances of Absorption Units

The design of the absorption-type units has some similarities with the compression units. However, its main difference is the absence of rubbing or moving parts.


Let’s consider the principle of operation of such units. As a refrigerant, a light-boiling composition is used, which is well dissolved in a high-boiling liquid. The latter is called an absorber.


Similarly, the vessel, which contains a certain stock of concentrated refrigerant, is also called the absorber. From here it enters the Thermo pump, which is a vertically mounted tube of copper heated by an electric coil.


Then the refrigerant moves to the steam generator, which is heated by an electric current. Here the refrigerant evaporates and mixes with the absorber vapor.


The resulting mixture advances to the dephlegmator. This is a special design radiator, in which the absorber and refrigerant are separated. The former is condensed and goes to the steam generator, and the refrigerant gas goes first to the condenser and then by gravity to the evaporator.


Here, a cooling process similar to that of the compression units takes place. After that, the absorbed heat is absorbed by the absorber and the process repeats.


Thus, the main advantage of absorption models is practically unlimited lifetime due to the absence of moving elements. But at that, they are not economical enough, as they consume approximately 1,5 times more energy than compression models.


In addition, such refrigerators freeze rather poorly and slowly. Another significant disadvantage is safety.


Here, water is used as the absorber, and ammonia as the refrigerant. As a result, there is highly concentrated ammonia alcohol in the circuit. In the event of possible leakage, this is dangerous. Models are available that run on isobutane or propane, but this is even more dangerous.


Considering that absorption units can be kept turned off as long as you want, they are eagerly purchased for use in homes with seasonal occupancy.


Refrigeration from semiconductor-type appliances

These are little-used devices whose operating principle is based on the Peltier effect.


It consists of the fact that the junction of dissimilar conductors when an electric current is passed through it in one direction heats up and in the other – freezes, compensating for the heating of the other side. Thus it is possible to obtain temperatures down to -40ºC and even lower.


However, the system has significant disadvantages. First of all, it is high power consumption. It is much higher than that of low-economy absorption devices. In addition, Peltier elements have a limited service life.


At the same time, semiconductor refrigerators are not sensitive to mechanical influences, and quickly and effectively freeze products. If necessary, the current direction can be switched, allowing the system to be defrosted quickly.


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