Refrigerator without freezer

A compact refrigerator without a freezer is suitable for cases when the amount of supplies is small and it is necessary to cool it without freezing. Such models are bought by people who do not use frozen vegetables, berries, and meat.

This is also a good choice for couples who spend most of their time away from home. And for a small country house, it is often the only right decision if it is visited only on weekends and holidays.

Doubting the advisability of buying such a unit? Or can’t decide on a suitable model? We will help you to solve these questions.

We suggest you get acquainted with the options of refrigerators without a freezer, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and learn what parameters you should consider when buying a cooling unit. To facilitate the task of choosing, we have prepared a rating of the best models without a freezer and described their characteristics and functionalities.

What is good about models without a freezer?

The variety of types of refrigerators is amazing. Every buyer can easily find the perfect model, no matter how unusual their needs are.

Advantages and disadvantages of such equipment
The advantages of models without freezers include the following:

1. a wide range of choices. Refrigerators without a freezer can be low and high (185 cm), vertical and horizontal, narrow and wide, compact and capacious (up to 500 l). They have only one thing in common in design: all models are ergonomic.

2. Ease of use. Even the most compact models are equipped with shelves, trays, and containers for storing different types of products. They can be less capacious than the system of the internal arrangement of traditional refrigerators, but they are not inferior to them in the convenience of operation.

3. wide sphere of application. Models are bought for apartments and private houses. They are installed in bathhouses, on summer cottages, and taken for long-term trips. Refrigerators without freezers are often purchased for hospitals, private schools, and offices.

4. Ease of transport. A small refrigerator can be transported in any brand of car. It is not difficult to lift it up to a floor and bring it into an apartment.

5. Quietness. The level of noisiness is one of the most important selection criteria. Refrigerators without a freezer almost do not make noise, and this is a huge plus.

Economy. No freezer – no extra costs. People who don’t store frozen foods have no reason to overpay for their energy bills. Not having a freezer is a significant money saver. In addition, most mini-fridges are energy efficiency class A or A+.

The advantages of simplified models have a downside. It is limited functionality and a minimum number of options.

Refrigerators do an excellent job with the main task, but if you suddenly need to freeze a portion of food, many devices will not be able to do so.

On the other hand, refrigerators without a freezer “know” how to maintain a low temperature of already frozen food. If you put a portion of semi-finished products in the deep freezing area, they will remain frozen, because the temperature in this box is about 0 ° C.

Comparison of refrigerators with and without freezer

In general, the technical characteristics of cooling appliances without freezers are close to the standard two-compartment refrigerators. The only difference is the presence/absence of a special compartment for freezing.

The majority of models have temperature regulators. Modes are set manually. If the door is open for a long time, the sensor is triggered and the control system gives an audible signal.

The temperature in the chamber is plus – from 0 ° C to 14 ° C. The doors can be rearranged. The refrigerating compartment capacity varies depending on the model and manufacturer – from 50 to 500 l.

As regards the service life, the single-compartment models are as durable as the usual two-compartment models, if not more so.

Due to the absence of a freezer, there are far fewer problems with these devices, and care for them is extremely easy.

If you maintain cleanliness and wash the inner surfaces of the refrigerator, shelves, and trays in time, the occurrence of unpleasant odor is excluded. An excellent option is to buy a unit with an antibacterial coating.

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