Save Gas with Stove Repairs: DIY Tips from San Diego Appliance Repair Company

One of the main reasons people schedule stove repairs with San Diego Appliance Repair Company is to save money. Not only are stove repairs considerably cheaper (and more eco-friendly!) than full-on replacements, but they’ll save you money in the long run in the form of improved gas or energy efficiency.

The money a tune-up can save you on utilities is considerable, which is why so many people opt for stove repairs even when their appliance is still is decent working order.

Today, the San Diego Appliance Repair Company team wants to help homeowners save even more money. If you’ve ever felt that your stove’s gas efficiency could be improved, then the following DIY repair tips should help you get the results you want, without having to fork over the funds for a professional repair.

Let’s get into it.

Losing Gas, Losing Cash

If you look closely at the burner on your stove and notice that the gas flame is only coming out on one side, it’s time to tuck into some stove repairs. If you neglect to repair this issues, you’ll be emitted twice as much gas as your stove is able to use at any given time, ramping up your cooking costs and cutting its efficiency in half.

First, take off the grate and lift away the cap on your burner. These are typically not attached in any significant way, and should lift off without any real effort. If your stove model has this lid screwed in place, unscrew and continue.

Now it’s time to inspect the burner itself. If flames are only taking on one side of your burner, you’ll probably be able to spot some white-crusted signs of corrosion. This is what keeps the gas from passing through clearly.

So what do you do? It’s quite an easy fix: just take some kind of abrasive scrub-brush and give it a good shot of elbow grease until you’ve scuffed away the build-up. Try not to use steel wool, as you could scratch and damage the groove.

Once you’ve finished your scrubbing, clean up the flecks and powder you’ve left behind, then replace the lid and grate. When you light your stove now, you should see the flame catch all the way around.

You’re done!

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Did your stove repair attempt go awry? Did we cover a different problem than the one you’re having? Were you unable to access the burner grooves as described?

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