Seven Steps To Clean Your Stove Like A Pro

Kitchen appliances always tend to get quite dirty after a while and one of the dirtiest is obviously the stove. A dirty stove can pose you a lot of complications for you, if you don’t do something about it right away. First of all, it is unhygienic and even dangerous for your health to cook on a very dirty and greasy stove, this kitchen appliance might smell terrible in the long run and it will also look pretty ugly and unappealing, completely running the overall interior design of your kitchen.

If you don’t want this then here is exactly what you need to do in order to clean your stove thoroughly. Don’t worry, this process is not that difficult and once you become accustomed with it, you will perform it with little to no effort!

Step 1: Disconnect your stove from the gas and electricity supplies

Especially if your stove is very dirty and it hasn’t been properly cleaned for a long period of time, it is a good idea to move it in the middle of the kitchen before cleaning it, so that you can walk easier and quicker around it. Make sure that you disconnect the electricity and gas supplies then ask your spouse, brother or even your neighbour to help you move it in a more convenient and spacious place in your kitchen.

Step 2: Protect the kitchen floor with old newspapers and carpets

Before cleaning your stove, it is a brilliant idea to place a plethora of old carpets, damaged blankets or old newspapers under this kitchen appliance. This is a good call because during the cleaning process, water, soap residue and a lot of dirt and impurities will eventually fall on the kitchen floor and they can damage it in the long run. The old newspapers and carpets will protect your kitchen floor and also give you much more peace of mind as well.

Step 3: Racks, drip pans and other metallic components should be removed carefully

These are some of the dirtiest and largest components of your stove and it is a good idea to treat them separately. Especially if they are very greasy and they contain a lot of dirt build-up, make sure that you place them in a heavy-duty, large, plastic bag with a couple of litres of ammonia for about 24 hours. The ammonia is a very helpful substance in this case because it will slowly but surely dissolve the grease build-up, stubborn food remains and other impurities from the drip pans, racks and other metallic components of your stove. You should also place this heavy duty bag in your yard or in your bathtub for the next 24 hours.

Step 4: Don’t forget to use rubber gloves when cleaning the stove

If you care about the looks of your hands and nails, make sure that you use quality rubber gloves when cleaning the stove and pretty much any other kitchen appliance in your house. Also, it is highly recommended to use a cleaning product which is recommended by the manufacturer of your stove. Apply this cleaning product on the dirtiest areas of your stove and leave it there for a couple of minutes. Afterwards, you will be able to clean your stove easier and more efficiently as well.

Step 5: Always insist on the most stubborn stains and spots

During your cleaning process, you should use lukewarm water and a soft sponge in order to clean your stove thoroughly. Also, you might encounter different types of stubborn stains and spots which don’t want to go away that easily. Don’t worry, make sure that you put a higher quantity of cleaning solution on those stains and dirt build-ups and you also apply more pressure when rubbing the stove. In the end, your beloved kitchen appliance will eventually start to sparkle and look as brand new!

Step 6: Clean your drip pans and racks in a similar fashion

After a day, you should also clean the metallic components of your stove using the same cleaning solution, a soft sponge and warm water. Luckily, most of the dirt build-up and greasy content might have already been dissolved by the ammonia and now all that you have to do is to rub and scrub your drip pans and racks for a while until they are completely clean.

Step 7: Reassemble your stove and enjoy it every day!

Once you finished the cleaning process, you might want to use a couple of towels in order to dry your kitchen appliance before using it. Also, move the stove back to its original position, connect the electricity and gas supplies and enjoy a clean, hygienic and completely safe cooking tool that will also look gorgeous in your kitchen!

This is how to clean your stove, but if for some reason you have any problems with it or it is damaged in any way, make sure that you give us a call and our specialists will provide you with a top quality kitchen appliance repair service at a very attractive price.

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