Seven Ways You Can Maintain Your Freezer

The freezer is probably one of the most important appliances you currently have in your household. Treat it right and it’ll last for years to come. Neglect it and you’ll probably find yourself spending on countless unnecessary repairs. Here are some of the best ways you can take care of your freezer- we guarantee that with consistent maintenance, you’ll be saving yourself countless dollars!


Ideally your freezer’s temperature should be maintained at 0 and 8 degrees Fahrenheit. Most freezers should have an in-built thermostat but if not, using a thermometer should work just fine. Make sure to adjust the controls as and when necessary but keep in mind that if the unit keeps fluctuating, it likely needs freezer repairs.


Despite this unit being able to handle freezing temperatures- this only applies to its interior. Don’t place your appliance in extreme temperatures as the fluctuation in temperatures will cause the freezer to strain harder to function properly. Also keep in mind that condenser coils emit heat so your freezer will need some space kept between it and surrounding walls.


The gasket is the freezer’s seal. It functions to keep warm air out of the unit and cool air in. If this is broken, you’ll notice a steady decline in your freezer’s performance. This will lead to a waste in energy consumption so the moment you notice a broken gasket, get it fixed ASAP.


It might sound like an interesting notion, but it’s best to keep your freezer at least half full with food. Why? This is because it helps stabilize the unit’s temperature and keep energy consumption down far more efficiently than plain air when the door is opened and closed.


If you have a contemporary freezer, you’re likely to have a self-defrosting setting that allows the unit to de-thaw regularly. With manual defrost freezers, however, you’ll need to shut it off and allow it to defrost. Dense frost might have to be scraped off.


Make sure to have your freezer’s drain line cleaned regularly because moisture tends to collect during each day defrosting cycles. You can do this by unplugging your freezer and removing any deposits that may have collected in the drain opening. Beneath the freezer, you’ll also find a pan that collects condensation. While this should evaporate on its own, it doesn’t hurt to clear the pan occasionally. This way you prevent any growth of mold.


At least make it a point to vacuum those condenser coils once a year because if dust collects, this can affect the freezer’s performance. Since the coils are clogged with dust and other debris, they can’t effectively release heat. This means that the compressor has to work harder, thus using more energy and straining the unit further.

With these simple steps you can efficiently maintain your freezer and preserve its lifespan for as long as possible. Don’t forget to schedule in regularly maintenance for your units with our team.

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