Should You Repair or Replace Your Refrigerator?

Failure of the refrigerator is a big problem, especially in the spring-summer season, when the temperature is hot and food outside the refrigerator quickly deteriorates. It may happen that the refrigerator stops cooling, unexpectedly defrosts, or starts making strange sounds, which definitely should not be. If the warranty period of the device has not expired, it is necessary to call the appropriate refrigeration service. However, if the warranty period has already expired, you should consider calling a professional for repair.

However, before doing this, check the following:

If the refrigerator is loud or makes strange sounds, it may not be installed correctly. Before calling a specialist, move it away from the wall and cabinets, adjust the legs if necessary.

  •  If water collects at the bottom of the refrigerator, it is usually sufficient to unblock the drain hole.
  •   If the refrigerator cools down too much or has stopped cooling altogether, it is worth taking a closer look at where it stands. The refrigerator must not be placed, for example, next to a radiator. The location of the food in the center of the refrigerator can also be responsible for the level of cooling. Please note that they must not touch the back of the device.
  •   If the solutions proposed above did not help, you need to contact a specialist in the field of refrigerator repair, who, thanks to his knowledge and experience, will be able to assess whether it is profitable to repair the refrigerator or replace it with a new one.

Refrigerator repair. Is it worth?

Does it all depend on what was damaged? This determines the materials and spare parts that need to be replaced for the repair, as well as the time that needs to be spent by the technician. Moreover, the prices for original spare parts are usually quite high. In any case, experts do not advise using non-original spare parts, as this can lead to another, even more serious equipment failure. It is best to first find out the total cost of the repair so that we can make an intelligent decision if it worth it?

When should you repair your refrigerator?

When the device is relatively new and the warranty period has just expired (recently – no more than half a year). It is worth remembering that the service life of the mechanisms used in the refrigerator is estimated at about 5-6 years. So, if your refrigerator is approaching this age, you should definitely think about replacing it, because with one breakdown, another, no less expensive, may come.

  •   If the device has never been repaired before.
  •  When its visual condition is satisfactory, which in practice means no corrosion (rust), bruising or scratching.
    When should you not repair your refrigerator?
  •  When it is the second repair of the device.
  • When its appearance is no longer as good as it was before.
  • When the equipment has served you for many years.
  • If the price of repair and purchase of spare parts is more than half the purchase price of a new device.

In such a situation, it is definitely worth thinking about buying a new refrigerator.

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