Sub Zero Fridge Service and Repair

If you have found that your Sub Zero fridge is having some performance issues, it may be time for a service repair. What are the most common issues associated with Sub Zero fridges, and how can you ensure that you find the most reliable repairs? Here, we will outline the most crucial information when assessing your broken down Sub Zero fridge, and how you can find the most trusted Sub Zero fridge services in the San Diego County! Read more below to find out everything you need to know!

Most Common Issues with Sub Zero Fridges

Sub Zero is a highly trusted and reliable make of refrigerators, but as is with any brand, sometimes issue can come up. Here are the most common issues of Sub Zero fridges and what may be causing them.

Your fridge or freezer does not cool down enough.

A very common mishap with all fridges in general is experiencing a fridge or freezer that refuses to cool down sufficiently. While there are a wide variety of causes for this issue, there are a few steps that you can take to ensure that you need a professional repair service for your Sub Zero fridge. First, ensure that the fridge is properly plugged in and that it is receiving power. An electrical socket that is faulty could also be to blame. Next, check your fridge coils to see if they are exceptionally dirty or if they have debris on them. Dirty coils will need to be cleaned immediately as their function is crucial to your Sub Zero fridge.

Your fridge or freezer is frosting over.

Some slight frosting happens from time to time, but if you are starting to notice and influx of ice or thick frost, something might be wrong with your Sub Zero fridge. If you notice this, check the gasket on the doors of the fridge or freezer. The gasket works to keep the cold in where it belongs; if it is broken or damaged, cold air will escape. Because cold air is escaping, the fridge or freezer will work over time to produce more cold air, thus creating this over frosting in your fridge or freezer.

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