The dishwasher does not wash dishes well

Why the dishwasher began to wash badly – the main aspects of the technical nature

According to the given regulations, you should start with the simplest – try to reboot the device or completely reset it to factory settings. The algorithm of actions is prescribed in the instructions and differs depending on the manufacturer.

As a rule, when the question arises why the dishwasher does not wash well, the negative effect is observed repeatedly and the usual “Reset” in this situation is useless. As practice shows, there may be several sources of faults.

The list of basic prerequisites and methods of their elimination:

1. Incorrect operation of the heating element. It occurs due to the formation of scale. The reasons are increased water hardness, and poor quality detergents. Most often, the element cannot be restored and is replaced.

2. Failure of the circulation pump. The element is responsible for supplying water to the dishwasher. In the absence or lack of a working environment, the machine can function. But the cleaning process is not performed, either partially or completely. By analogy with the heating element, the pump must be replaced.

3. Breakage of the spray impeller. An element is a working unit. The mechanism is responsible for rotating the rocker arm with sprinklers. In this variant, the washing of dishes is significantly reduced or completely absent. In view of this, the quality of cleaning also deteriorates. In most cases, the unit is replaced.

4. Incorrect operation or failure of the thermal relay (thermal sensor). The function of the module is to measure the temperature of the working medium and redirect the received information to the heating element, due to which heating occurs. In case of failure and breakage of the thermal relay, the dishes are washed with cold water, which removes contaminants (especially fats) much worse. Usually, it cannot be restored, it must be replaced.

5. Defects and breakdowns of the software module. This element controls the operation of the dishwasher and is responsible for the execution of the set modes. In case of violation of the functionality of the “brain”, all processes are disoriented. Most often, the machines do not even turn on. The problem is eliminated by flashing or replacement.

6. Failures or malfunctions of the water turbidity sensor (present only in intelligent ultra-modern models). Analyzes the degree of contamination of the working environment. The software module reads the information received and evaluates the degree of cleaning of the dishes. If the sensor fails, there are two options for the development of events – endless washing or vice versa, with no result.

7. Untimely preventive maintenance. The process involves cleaning filters and drains, diagnosing open circuits, visual inspection of capacitors, detection of scale, oxidation, wear of parts, insulating materials, and other basic and additional parts. Lack of prevention causes both minor defects and global breakdowns.

If you want not to look for answers to the question of why the dishwasher began to wash poorly, follow the rules of operation, and do it regularly.

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