The drum rattles when rotating

After a certain number of years of tireless and faithful work, the washing machine may produce unusual sounds during operation. Namely, when the drum mechanism rotates, noise and creaking may appear.

What is the cause of such a malfunction?

The fact is that there is more than one reason, there can be a couple of them, and it can be not only the drum mechanism but other, no less important, components of the washing machine. As a rule, it is more often during the work that the drum knocks and rattles, due to the fact that the bearings have failed, the fastening of the tank has loosened, and foreign objects have got into the drum mechanism.

If you, during the operation of your washing machine, noticed the appearance of the above errors, then you need to perform a number of certain actions that will bring your washing machine “back to life”.

First of all, unplug the device from the socket to avoid unnecessary problems. The next thing you should do is to check the bearing assembly, as it is the broken bearings that cause the noise during washing. To do this, you need to press on the edge of the drum and twist it. In this case, you need to pay attention to how the drum rotates. If it turns with intermittent movements, then reinstalling the bearings is a mandatory procedure when repairing the machine. You will see this as soon as you remove the back panel of the washing machine because after the bearings there are traces of rust.

If the drum spins smoothly, then you need to look for another cause of the breakdown. Very often the cause may lie in a weakened pulley. To eliminate this problem, you need to put the fixing bolt on a special moisture-resistant sealant.

The drum can also rattle due to the loosening of the fastening of the counterweights, which are needed in the washing machine in order to provide the device with balance when the spin function is turned on. If the fastening is loose, then such parts fail or begin to cause a strong rumble during washing. There is only one way to check the fastening of the counterweights – manually. If during the check it turned out that they are unsuitable for high-quality operation of the washing machine, then you need to purchase new counterweights, replace them and if the fastening is loose, then it needs to be tightened.

In addition, a common cause of the noise of the machine is foreign objects that get stuck in it. To remove them, you need to pull out the heating element. If the cause cannot be eliminated on your own, the best solution is to call the master at home or contact the service center. This is a call to us and we will provide you with the best repair service IN ALL OF SAN DIEGO. With our superior performance, absolute accuracy, extensive knowledge and experience, fast and efficient service, friendly attitude, free maintenance consultations, and post-warranty service, we are proud to say that we are the leading repair service provider in San Diego. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we are always dedicated to what we do. We are open 24/7 a week, on weekends and holidays. Our engineers will come to you 15 minutes after your call in urgent cases. Give us a call and SAN DIEGO APPLIANCE REPAIR will solve any problem.

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