The electric stove fan runs constantly or does not work at all

Reliable fans are a guarantee of long and comfortable use of electric stoves, because these mechanisms are responsible for the even distribution of heated air, accelerating the cooking process, and removing extraneous odors.


Therefore, complete or partial fan failure significantly reduces the stove’s efficiency. The logical consequence of such a failure is spoiled food and possible overheating of other elements of the construction. If you do not pay attention to the malfunction, then later you will have to pay for expensive repair of electric stove or even buy a new model of this equipment. Therefore, if the fan is out of order, then immediately call the professionals. Such a decision is beneficial both financially and in terms of common sense.


Is it possible to repair electric stoves with your own hands?


Electric stoves have a rather complex design, and therefore it is not recommended to fix the problem yourself. Especially since it is possible to find out the cause of the malfunction only after diagnosis, and for its implementation, certain skills and special tools are required.


However, in some situations, the breakdown is explained by external factors. For example, often the fan is simply contaminated. Grease accumulates on its blades, and dust periodically settles. Therefore, if the fan is working, but the rotation speed is noticeably reduced, try to clean the mechanism, and then (in the absence of results) call a master for electric stove repair.


Oxidation of contacts or breakage of connecting wires can be the reasons for the complete inoperability of the electric stove fan. These nuances can also be checked on their own, but you must act carefully because the wiring is not a joke. A multimeter comes in handy as a tool. If you do not have one – you can safely order the repair of electric stoves. A visual inspection will not be of much use.


How to make repair electric stoves with mechanical damage?


If the fan looks normal, and does not need a momentary cleaning, but functions with malfunctions, then the logical step would be to repair the electric stove. Below we will consider the most common mechanical malfunctions, upon detection of which it is necessary to contact a professional specialist:


Fan failure. There are many options. Repair of the electric stove in general and the fan, in particular, may be needed if the blades are deformed, the bearing is damaged, the armature is jammed and other malfunctions of the mentioned mechanism.


Failure of the motor. Without it, the system will not work in principle. In this case, it is quite rare to be able to repair the motor. Usually, it has to be replaced.


In both cases, you will need to buy original spare parts to replace the damaged counterparts, and then install them in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Repair of electric stoves with incorrect operation of electronics

If the fan does not turn on, works intermittently, or does not turn off for an extended period of time, then the problem is probably due to one of the following reasons:


Failure of the thermostat. If there is a malfunction, the thermostat will record incorrect data and send it to the control module. As a consequence, the actual fan speed will not meet momentary requirements. The thermostat will need to be replaced to correct the problem.


Control Module failure. The consequences are the same as in the previous case. The module will need to be adjusted, repaired, or replaced. This type of repair of electric stoves belongs to the most complex category and therefore is performed only by professionals.


It is not recommended to fix the mentioned damages on your own. Correcting mistakes made can be very expensive.


Is it possible to postpone the repair of the electric stove?


Absolutely. But a faulty fan will not allow you to use the technique for its intended purpose. Therefore, when a malfunction occurs, it is better not to delay the repair. Especially since electric stove repair in San Diego is an affordable service that can be ordered daily, right over the phone.


To order a specialist to repair electric stoves, please contact our manager or leave a request on the website and we will call you back. If necessary, service is possible on the day of treatment, and we recommend taking advantage of such a circumstance.


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