The induction hob does not detect the cookware: 8 likely causes

An induction cooker will decorate any kitchen, but it also has an Achilles’ heel – it may not recognize what is on the burner. Such mishaps happen when you try to cook in anything or due to a technical malfunction.


In case of a freeze, turn off the kitchen assistant for a few minutes and then turn it back on. Didn’t help? Then read what to do next if the induction hob doesn’t want to see the dishes.


Simple reasons why the induction hob does not detect cookware

The device is associated with high heating speed, efficiency, and safety, but it is capricious when it comes to cookware. After purchasing an advanced kitchen assistant, you will have to make audit the cabinets where everything you need for cooking is stored. Let’s figure out what cookware the induction hob cannot detect and when it won’t turn on.


Unsuitable material

Pots and pans made of magnetic steel (not all stainless steel is magnetic) and magnetic alloys will be able to make friends with induction. They can also be made of aluminum with a steel bottom, cast iron, and thermo-glass with a ferromagnetic bottom. The innovative cooker ignores the use of ordinary glass, ceramics, and non-magnetic metals.


Look for an induction coil marking on the bottom of the pan. If it is present, there is a high probability that you can cook with such cookware. However, there are exceptions. To avoid getting into trouble, buy cookware from reliable sellers or check it with a magnet.


Small bottom diameter

The area of the bottom of the cookware and the burner does not have to match. The markings on the hob are arbitrary. Heating is faster if the bottom is smaller than the cooking zone, but if the difference is more than 50-60%, the hob may refuse to work. It is also worth considering that the regular use of containers of smaller diameter sometimes leads to malfunctioning of the induction hob due to overheating of the transistor.


When choosing kitchen utensils, look at the diameter of the bottom, not the body, as the area below is much smaller.


You can outsmart the stove with an adapter. If it is available, it is quite possible, for example, to make coffee in a small Turk on a large burner. The induction will be guided by the diameter of the disk, and it doesn’t matter what is on it.


Incorrect positioning

If the diameters of the cookware and the burner are equal, induction may not start due to improper placement of the containers. It is advisable that their areas overlap as much as possible.


Deformed bottom

Sometimes people try to put a frying pan with a curved bottom or other deformation on the burner.


– In this case, the hob will most likely turn on, but regular use of such cookware can cause scratches on the glass ceramic.


– Another potential cause of the trouble is a thin bottom. If it is less than 2 mm thick, food will burn without being fried.


The induction hob does not recognize special cookware: possible malfunctions


The fault is definitely not in the pot if the water boils well on another burner of the same diameter. The induction hob may not detect special cookware due to an internal malfunction. In this case, to find the cause, you will have to open the case or take the device for service.


Temperature sensor

It makes sense to check the sensor if the display shows a corresponding error. Its code depends on the manufacturer of the hob, one of the options is E4. When troubleshooting, first check whether the sensor is tightly seated in the silicone pocket.



A blown fuse usually accompanies the failure of a more serious part. In this case, it is unlikely that you will be able to fix the problem yourself. To do this, you need to know how to use a multimeter and solder circuits.



The unwillingness of the induction hob to turn on is sometimes accompanied by the E0 error. It can occur due to poor contact at the crimp of the inductive coil.


The burner

Sometimes the fit of the induction module to the glass-ceramic hob is disturbed. To adjust the distance between them, use pressure springs. Also, one of the burners may not work due to a problem with the contacts.


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