The main causes of refrigerator malfunction

The most likely cause of why a refrigerator compressor warms up can be:


-Burnt or “stuck” starting relay;

– Uninterrupted operation in the fast freezing mode;

– imperfection of airtightness of refrigerating or freezing chambers;

– Freon leakage;

– Capillary channels clogging;

– Software failures in the control module.


A damaged rubber seal becomes the reason for loose door sealing, the warm air infiltrates into the working chamber and the engine has to pump more refrigerant.


Freon leakage can occur due to mechanical damage to the circulation ducts. Usually, this happens as a result of trying to scrape ice off the walls of the freezer compartment or unsuccessful transportation. In this case, sealing the damaged ducts and recharging the freon is required.


Sudden surges in the mains voltage lead to malfunction of the control module, its configuration, and settings. In some cases, overvoltage provokes burnout of electronic components. The problem is solved by reprogramming the module or completing the replacement of the board. Frequent power cuts and power surges are quite the usual situations nowadays. Therefore, to avoid such troubles, you need to take care in advance about quality stabilizers and surge protectors.


If you notice that the refrigerator motor has become too hot, disconnect it from the power supply and call a specialist for repair. Only a technician will be able to determine the exact cause of the breakdown that caused the compressor to overheat. Therefore, it is recommended that you contact HOME APPLIANCE SERVICE CENTER. Our craftsmen will help sort out the problem.


Where does Freon disappear to


There are malfunctions that are not as easy to detect as it seems: it is necessary to observe for some time and carefully inspect their mechanisms. Signs of permanent refrigerant leakage are such causes:


– The appearance of frost in the product’s chambers;

– There is no low enough temperature in the chambers;

– There is sometimes a noticeable swelling on the back wall of the appliance;

– The compressor operates constantly or with short interruptions.


Freon leakage occurs more often at two-chamber products with the bottom arrangement of the freezing chamber.


Both chambers are connected by a heat pipe, through which the freon is redistributed throughout the refrigerator. Even a small amount of water vapor can compromise the integrity of this connection due to corrosion – which can lead to various failures later on. Freon has neither taste nor smell, so it is impossible to determine its leakage without special equipment.


Important to know! Household refrigerators contain too little inert gas to harm the human body.


There are malfunctions that are not as easy to detect as it seems: it is necessary to observe for some time and carefully inspect their mechanisms.


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