The most common problems with the refrigerator



Each refrigerator, gaining a certain temperature turns off. And if this does not happen, then there may be a couple of options:


  1. The refrigerator freezes very badly


In order to improve the situation, you need to:

– Set the correct position of the thermostat

– Heat somehow gets into the refrigerator

– There are defects in the refrigerator door

– The refrigerator compressor needs to be replaced.


  1. The refrigerator freezes too much


In order to improve the situation, you need to

– Change the operating mode of the refrigerator

– Broken thermostat requires replacement

– Accidentally turned on the super-freezing mode

– There is a freon leak.




The first thing to do is to check the operation of the socket, the voltage in the network, and the operability of the power cable. If all this is working, then there may be the following causes of such a malfunction:


  1. Broken thermostat.

Only a master can check this, so do not put it off.


  1. The defrost button is faulty.

If you have no skills in repairing electrical appliances, then you should not try to check it, and entrust the matter to professionals.


  1. The starting relay needs to be replaced.

As well as the problems above can be solved by an experienced master.


  1. The refrigerator compressor is broken and needs to be replaced.


  1. Problems in the operation of the control board, its contacts are oxidized.




It often happens that the refrigerator turns on and turns off again. Of course, it is better to check for yourself what the problem is, so as not to call the master in vain. But to do this, you need to know what the problem may be.


  1. Broken protective relay.

As a rule, the relay is not repaired and a complete replacement of the relay is required. Only a specialist can do it correctly.


  1. The starting relay is broken.

As a rule, the coil or current sensor burns out in this relay. Similar to the previous one, the relay is changed completely, and this should be done by a master.


  1. It is necessary to replace the refrigerator motor.

In fact, problems in the operation of the refrigerator can be avoided if you use the device correctly, defrost and care for the device in time.


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