The Ultimate Guide to Using Tumble Dryers for Drying Wet Shoes and Accessories

Tumble dryers are versatile appliances that excel at drying clothes, but did you know they can also be used to dry wet shoes and accessories? Whether you’ve been caught in a sudden downpour or need to freshen up your favorite sneakers, tumble dryers offer a convenient and efficient solution. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the dos and don’ts of using tumble dryers to dry wet shoes and accessories, along with tips for achieving optimal results.


Understanding the Process


Drying wet shoes and accessories in a tumble dryer involves carefully preparing the items and selecting the appropriate settings to ensure safe and effective drying. Before proceeding, it’s essential to assess the material and construction of the items to determine their suitability for tumble drying. While many shoes and accessories can withstand this method, certain delicate materials or intricate designs may require alternative drying methods to avoid damage.


Dos and Don’ts


To maximize the effectiveness of tumble drying for wet shoes and accessories, follow these dos and don’ts:



Remove Excess Moisture: Before placing shoes or accessories in the tumble dryer, remove any excess moisture by blotting them with a towel or allowing them to air dry for a short period. This helps prevent excessive water from accumulating in the dryer and ensures more efficient drying.

Use Mesh Laundry Bags: To protect delicate items or prevent small accessories from getting lost in the dryer, consider placing them inside mesh laundry bags before tumbling. This helps contain the items and reduces the risk of damage or entanglement during the drying cycle.

Choose Low Heat Settings: Opt for low or gentle heat settings on the tumble dryer to minimize the risk of overheating and damage to the shoes or accessories. High temperatures can cause certain materials to warp, shrink, or become misshapen, so err on the side of caution when selecting drying settings.

Monitor the Drying Process: Periodically check on the shoes and accessories during the drying cycle to assess their progress and ensure they are drying evenly. If necessary, adjust the drying time or settings to achieve the desired level of dryness without overdoing it.

Air Dry Afterwards: Once the drying cycle is complete, remove the shoes and accessories from the tumble dryer and allow them to air dry for a short time to cool down and finish drying completely. This helps prevent residual heat from causing discomfort or damage when the items are worn or used.



Use High Heat Settings: Avoid using high heat settings on the tumble dryer, as this can cause damage to sensitive materials such as rubber, leather, or synthetic fabrics. Stick to low or gentle heat settings to minimize the risk of overheating and preserve the integrity of the items.

Overload the Dryer: Refrain from overloading the tumble dryer with too many shoes or accessories at once, as this can impede airflow and hinder the drying process. Instead, dry items in small batches to ensure thorough drying and prevent overcrowding in the dryer.

Dry Wet Shoes Without Preparation: Never place wet shoes directly into the tumble dryer without first removing excess moisture and inspecting them for any potential damage or debris. Skipping this step can result in ineffective drying and may cause damage to the shoes or the dryer itself.

Dry Shoes with Metal Components: Avoid tumble drying shoes with metal components such as buckles, zippers, or embellishments, as the heat and agitation can cause these components to become hot or damaged. Instead, remove these items or opt for alternative drying methods to preserve their integrity.

Forget to Clean the Dryer: Regularly clean the lint trap and drum of the tumble dryer to remove any accumulated lint, dirt, or debris that could affect its performance or cause safety hazards. A clean dryer promotes efficient airflow and ensures optimal drying results for shoes and accessories.


Tips for Success


To achieve the best results when using tumble dryers for drying wet shoes and accessories, consider the following tips:


Invest in Shoe Drying Racks: If you frequently need to dry wet shoes, consider investing in shoe drying racks designed specifically for this purpose. These racks allow air to circulate around the shoes, promoting faster drying and preventing damage to the materials.

Use Dryer Balls or Tennis Balls: Place a few dryer balls or tennis balls inside the tumble dryer with the shoes to help fluff and aerate them during the drying cycle. This can speed up the drying process and prevent shoes from becoming misshapen or stiff.

Check Manufacturer Recommendations: Before tumble drying shoes or accessories, check the manufacturer’s care instructions to ensure they are suitable for this method. Some items may have specific guidelines or restrictions regarding tumble drying, so it’s important to follow these recommendations to avoid damage.

Allow for Adequate Drying Time: Depending on the material and construction of the shoes or accessories, drying times may vary. Allow for adequate drying time to ensure that the items are completely dry before removing them from the tumble dryer and using or storing them.

Consider Alternative Drying Methods: If you’re unsure about tumble drying certain shoes or accessories, or if they have special care requirements, consider alternative drying methods such as air drying or using a shoe dryer. These methods offer gentler drying and may be better suited to delicate or sensitive items.


Tumble dryers offer a convenient and effective solution for drying wet shoes and accessories, but it’s important to use them responsibly and follow proper guidelines to avoid damage and ensure optimal results. By following the dos and don’ts outlined in this guide, as well as incorporating tips for success, you can safely and efficiently dry your wet shoes and accessories using a tumble dryer, saving time and hassle in your laundry routine.


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