There is a white deposit on the dishes after the dishwasher. What can I do?

What can I do if there is a white residue on the dishes after the dishwasher?

White stains and streaks from the dishwasher are all too common. It’s a problem for many dishwasher owners – a situation that suits neither of them. And when the said scum forms on the walls of the dishwasher, they immediately call a service center and have the dishwashers repaired.


This is a sensible course of action, but it is often possible to deal with the problem yourself. In this article, we will tell you why plaque appears and how to remove it, using improvised means.


How can I get rid of plaque without ordering a dishwasher repair?

The first thing to do is to get to the root cause of the plaque and other marks, and then get rid of it with the help of our recommendations. The first thing to check is this:


The availability of salt to soften the water. If it is lacking, there will be plaque. The remedy is simple. You need to pour salt into a container.


Adjusting the water hardness. If the salt supply is programmed for softer water than is actually provided, the traces mentioned are simply unavoidable. The settings must be set correctly in accordance with the user manual.


Salt intrusion into the wash compartment. Any salt residue found should be removed and refilled carefully from now on. It would also be a good idea to clean the dishwasher thoroughly to prevent any repairs. And do it at least once every few weeks in the future.


Poor-quality detergents. It is best to buy quality detergents and use them in accordance with the recommended dosage.

If the above steps have no effect and the plaque reappears, it is time to get serious and call a qualified dishwasher repair technician.


In what situations would a dishwasher repair be necessary?

There are two possibilities. 


The first is a comprehensive dishwasher cleaning for clogged filters and scale build-up. 


The second is the replacement of the water hardness sensor in the event of a malfunction. Both actions require care and knowledge of the appliance’s design, and therefore it is not recommended to perform them yourself.


It is better to order the San Diego Appliance Repair in our company and get a quality result without any effort. The service provided will please you. We guarantee it!


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