Tips For Appliance Maintenance

If you want to avoid expensive repairs and replacement spare parts, regular maintenance is the key. Doing regular maintenance on your household appliances and following your owner’s manual is also a great idea. Here are a few handy maintenance tips for general appliances by appliance repair experts in San Diego County:

Do Not Overfill: Putting too much laundry in your washing machine will result in costly repairs one day sooner rather than later. Several small loads over time will never do the damage that a large load will. This maintenance tip can be applied to other appliances such as your dishwasher and dryer too.

Keep Coils Clean: Have you ever noticed how dirt and dust collect on the coils of appliances? If your fridge has stopped working properly it could be a layer of dust on the coils. You can do a quick maintenance check of the coils and make your fridge run more efficiently. Remove the front grill off the fridge, locate the coils and give them a thorough cleaning.

Odors: A lot of odors from your fridge could be the result of spoiled food having been there. Just removing the food will not always remove lingering odors. To rid the odors from your fridge spray inside and on the shelves. A good disinfecting spray works well for this. Newspapers or charcoal placed in the fridge or freezer will absorb these odors pretty quickly.

Temperatures Rising: Maybe your oven temperature seems to be a bit off. In this case you can recalibrate the setting for the temperature. Your ovens manual or an online search will inform you how to do this task. Place a thermometer for ovens inside your stove. You will want to leave the thermometer inside the oven, not removing it, until the oven has reached a constant temperature. The online search or oven manual will inform you of the precise procedure if you are unsure. Of course, when the thermometer setting matches the temperature setting you probably have it right.

Spills Be Gone: Some people may not think it is important to clean spills on their stove immediately. Cleaning spills as they happen could save you from having a tougher time scrubbing off cooked on spills. Spills also attract dirt and some spills too close to your stoves burners are a potential fire hazard.

These quick and easy maintenance tips will make your appliances last longer, save money and keep them running like new for years to come.

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