Tips to Troubleshoot Common Problems with your Sub-Zero Fridge

Complications with your fridge can stem from a variety of problems that can cause huge issues in the preservation of your food. Symptoms such as unusual heat in the fridge body or loss of coldness are signs that there is an issue.

Before contacting a repair service, you can take a look at these tips and guides to see if you can conveniently fix the problem yourself, or if you require a professional. If all else fails, don’t let these complications get in the way of your everyday life and let our professional technicians take a look at your sub zero fridge. Our technicians have years of experience with troubleshooting, maintaining, and repairing, Sub-Zero fridge appliances. We’re experienced in fixing all models of sub-zero fridges and will deliver your service on the same day you call!

Common Sub Zero Fridge Problems

Insufficient Cooling

You can easily tell this by the loss in cool temperature in your fridge and freezer, or if the area between the doors is getting hot. You can also check if your compressor motor is working. It is in a black kettle-like casing and can be found on top of the Sub-Zero appliance. If it is humming or making constant noise, there could be a problem with one or several of the various components.

The number one reason for a warm fridge is that the condenser is clogged with debris, lint, and hair; the condenser should be cleaned every six months.

No Power

To check for power, push the power button on the display located in the top right-hand corner. Next, check the power supply, which can be found plugged in behind the grill section on the top right-hand side of the appliance. You test that the power source is functioning by plugging in something else, such as a phone charger. Lastly, it is possible that the circuit breaker or fuse has tripped. This is found in a common area of the house and will list all electrical units.

Filter Replacement

By not replacing the filter regularly, it can result in sediment and debris build up. As a result, you may not be getting the cleanest water. The filter cartridge should be changed every twelve months. Water filters should be replaced when water flow becomes low or when the indicator is lit

No Ice or Water

Like issues mentioned above, your freezer may not produce ice if your freezer is not cool enough or the filter is clogged with sediment. Ice makers also require 40 psi to fill. You can do this by turning on the water supply valve. At times, the fill tube may also be frozen. You can do this by removing the icemaker and looking at the tube itself.

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